Taylor Swift is dating Taylor Lautner

But this thread doesn’t belong in CS, because the only reason I mention them is… heh. Someone named Taylor is dating someone else named Taylor. Weird.

I just lost the gnome.

I know a married couple named Carlo and Carla.

Not quite as awkward, since at least their names are just different enough to keep them from getting confused about which one you’re speaking to, but still amusing nonetheless.

That’s my name. I had a brief interest in a young lady who happened to have both my middle and last names, only reversed. That was a bit weird.

Courtney Taylor-Taylor must be heartbroken.

That’s not all…I heard JFK got shot!

As a child, we sometimes visited some older relatives named Tia and Tio. I thought their names were funny/cool.
That is until I realized that Tia and Tio is Spanish for Aunt and Uncle.

I think Paris Hilton used to date somebody named Paris.

Would be better if she married Lawrence Taylor!

My sister in law Adrienne is married to a man named Adrian. We call them big A. and little A.

This must happen a lot with gay couples. I wonder if there’s some slang term for it?

I had a friend named Virginia who married a guy with the last name of Beach.

What’s a Taylor Lautner?

In college my brother dated someone with our same last name. The weird thing was that our last name is just unusual enough - and they met in SC but were both from MA and actually knew a lot of the same people because they had both attended the same church at one time. And no, we double checked, they were not related.

Of course, one of my former co-workers DID marry someone with her same last name. But she wanted to acknowledge they were married - so now she’s T. Williams-Williams.

I just don’t see why she is going to get his hopes up, when it’s obvious she is in love with me.

I hear Eleanor Roosevelt was extremely pleased that she didn’t have to have all new stationery made.

I knew a Terry Smith (guy) who was dating a Terry Smith (gal).

That’s just weird.

The Kelly Hildebrandts made news this year. She was ego surfing, and the rest is history.

Did Tio have a brother named Hermano?

I knew a Joe and Jo, and a Bob and Bobbi.