Tea and Coffee

How many of you are tea or coffee drinkers?

If you prefer one over the other, why?

I ask because since I was about 12 i’ve been a coffee drinker and I could not stand tea. Then recently I began to anjoy it and now I prefer tea to coffee.

Originally i think it was because i never had any really good tea, and most often it was made very weak.

Also how do you take your tea or coffee?

For me my tea is with a teaspoon of honey
Coffee - cream and 2 sugars

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I was considering starting a thread like this…curious about which Dopers are java nerds and which take whatever streams blackly out of the pot.

I like both, but I drink coffee daily and tea on occasion. The tannin in tea bugs me; I cannot drink it on an empty stomach.

I usually drink black teas…Darjeeling, orange pekoe, or an English or Irish Breakfast blend. Green tea makes a pleasant change every so often, but I always take that in a Chinese (no-handled) cup rather than the usual china cup and saucer. Herbal infusions I drink VERY rarely. I always make my tea in a pot, using a tea-ball…never teabags. And I never add anything to tea…no milk, no sugar, no honey, no lemon.

My morning coffee comes from the nearest coffeeshop urn, in one of those cheerful blue-and-white Grecian-motif cardboard cups. I avoid Starbucks and all the independently-owned coffee-maniac places like the plague. Again, nothing goes in the beverage; no cream, no sugar. Black and strong.

For years my weekend brew was a New Orleans-style bland, flavored with chicory. Of course, in New Orleans, it’s served with loads of cream and sugar; it’s mad to drink this stuff black.

About two years ago I asked my coffee-supplier what would be a little less bitter, oily, and hair-raising…he grimaced and said “Almost ANYTHING.” So now I drip-brew a blend called “Moka d’Oro,” which I used to know what was in it, but have long-since forgotten.


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“Coffee, black, hot !”

Can’t stand tea. It’s for elderly people and Brits :slight_smile:


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I’ve been a huge coffee drinker forever, but recently switched to tea (supposed to help with fertility). As soon as I get pregnant and have a baby, it’s back to big old cups 'o joe.

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.

I’ve liked tea since I was about 12, but coffee was always too strong a taste for me. Then I had two kids in 21 months and had to get up and go to work every morning. Hello, coffee!

It’s hard to get a good cup of tea in this country. I go to my local British pantry and buy the good stuff and brew it up at home. Few restaurants bother to serve loose tea and even fewer bother to get the water hot enough to brew it properly.

I take my tea very strong with 1/2 tsp of sugar and a splash of milk.

Coffee? Well, I live in Seattle so I can throw a rock and hit five good coffee spots. I’ll have a single short 2% latte with extra foam and 1/2 a raw sugar, thank you very much.

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true enough you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a coffee shop here in Seattle (I prefer Tully’s to SBC or Starbucks).

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I drink tea when I’m cold or sick. I have about ten boxes of Celestial Seasonings at home… Favorite at the moment is Mandarin Orange Spice. With a little milk and a packet and a half of Equal.

Coffee - a “must have” every day or I get a headache. But only one beverage… Doesn’t really matter what size, but only ONE. My favorite at the moment is Caribou’s (Minnesota chain) Light White Berry (Raspberry flavored) with an extra shot of espresso. But I’m only allowed one of those per week, so my staple is Folger’s, semi-strong, 3 heaping teaspoons of Creamora and 3 packets of Equal.

Yeah, I know. “Why don’t you have a little coffee with your cream and sugar?”

Ha ha ha.

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Black coffee for this boy. I tried tea a few times, but never really enjoyed it. I don’t care for iced tea either.

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Coffee, black, no sugar, and no goddammed flavors! Can’t stand hazlenut, vanilla, butterscotch, peach, or any other flavors in my coffee. When I drink coffee, I want to taste coffee! No decaf, either; if I don’t want caffeine, I drink water.

I have to be in a certain mood to drink tea. A cold Sunday afternoon, after a very late brunch. Or when it’s actually tea-time. Hold the cucumber sandwiches, though. My favorite has always been Celestial Seasonings’ Morning Thunder–the tea for coffee drinkers.

I prefer tea. I use loose tea leaves brewed in a pot (actually, I’m currently brewing my tea in a saucepan, 'cuz i broke my teapot – hoping to get a new one for my birthday at the end of the month). I like Earl Grey and Oolong straight, or Irish Breakfast with a 1/2 sugar and a bit of milk. I also like Constant Comment once in a while – 1/2 sugar, no milk. My dad was a huge coffee drinker (2 or 3 pots a day) in his Navy days, but had to give it up a few years ago – something (not the caffeine, that doesn’t bother him) in coffee makes his heart flutter. When they visited me last I made him a cuppa Irish breakfast – extra strong, plowman’s style – and he liked it quite well as a coffee substitute.


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I prefer cold drinks in general. I take my tea strong, iced, and slightly sweetened. The sugar must be added while the tea is still hot, otherwise you do not have sweet tea, you have undissolved sugar in the bottom of a glass of unsweetened tea. “Pink stuff” and “blue stuff” added to iced tea absolutely do not count. Sometimes I add lemon, sometimes fresh mint sprigs.

Coffee is taken black, and the stronger the better.

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I’ve been a tea drinker for years ( mostly the run of the mill Lipton kind since it’s affordable, but I do like McGrath’s Irish breakfast tea and Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, which is suppose to tone the uterus during pregnancy. I dunno if this is true or a placebo effect, but considering I had a fairly easy time the first pregnancy around, I drink a cup or so of it a day.

Zette: Tea has less caffeine than coffee and if you are IV’d to a coffee pot on a daily basis, that can affect your ( or hubby’s) fertility. Tea is an excellent choice for switching over, but still gives you the boost you need to start your day.

I have discovered the joys of coffee ( decaf for now) lately. I don’t like all the yuppie flavors.Try to find a normal cup of Joe and it’s like finding a drop of water in the desert. I like it with either cream or milk and 2 spoons of sugar.

Coffee, the good strong German kind with sugar and real half-and-half, not that powdered crap.

I’ve recently discovered a product called Pocket Coffee, which is a chocolate-covered shot of sweetened espresso. Mmmm…instant energy!

Coffee for me. Three teaspoons of sugar (nowadays, the equivalent in no-cal substitute) + milk.

I’ll drink tea if I’m sick. But for me, coffee (or hot chocolate) is the hot drink.

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Iced Tea, thanks.

Unsweetened, lots of lemon.

I’ll drink hot coffee sometimes, but not habitually. I’ll also enjoy an an iced coffee beverage from time to time.

Never did hot tea, and have no desire to do so.

Yer pal,

I drink coffee; sometimes even twice in the same year.

But mainly I’m a tea drinker. A mug of it hot or a glass of it iced. No milk, no cream, no sugar, but I will add lemon juice to orange pekoe if it’s around. I enjoy most teas; Earl Grey and jasmine are two favorites. But stay away from lapsang souchong; that stuff is vile.

Coffee for me, cream, two sugars. Every day without fail. On weekends I brew up a whole pot and drink coffee until mid-afternoon, while reading and painting. Mmmm…bliss.

I need to aquire a taste for black coffee though. I can’t stand the fake creamer stuff, but a lot of times if you’re at some dive coffee kiosk they won’t have anything else. It would be a lot less fuss for me if I could get used to chugging it straight.

I’ll drink tea sometimes, but only at night. Although I love Thai and Indian tea.

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…And I can’t stand skim milk in coffee. It turns the coffee gray. Ick.

On those occasions when I drink coffee, my cup contains about 60% coffee and 40% milk, plus three teaspoons (or four to five packets) of sugar.

I tend to drink more coffee in the winter, because the full cup doubles as a handwarmer. And within a couple of weeks I’ll even have a better excuse; I’ve just pledged some money to my local NPR station, and they’re sending me a nifty Car Talk mug, which I’ll have to show off at every opportunity. =B^)

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

And who came up with the idea for these flavored coffees, anyway? Raspberry, Hazelnut, Vanilla . . give me a break! It all tastes awful.

But what’s even worse is when you go to grind your own beans at the store, and you get them home and they smell like Hazelnut FooFoo Surprise because the reject who used the grinder before you stunk it all up with her flavored beans.

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