Tear-Apart Plastic Bags for Food

Within the past year or so, all too frequently I’ll open a bag of chips, or cookies, etc. and the bag rips right down the side to the point that no twist tie or other fastener will hold it and I have to find something else to store the food in…WTF!! Some are clear plastic, others are foil-like, but they shred the same way.

It’s not enough that we have plastic flotillas larger than countries in our oceans…:mad::mad::mad:

Have you considered that maybe you’re just getting super human strength, likely from all the BPA in the plastic?

You’re welcome. Use this power only for good.

I’ve noticed this for some products as well. Where the bags used to come apart quite readily along the sealed edge at the top, now the top seal is often so strong that pulling hard on the bags just rips straight through the body of the bag.

I figured that it might be the result of some concern on the part of the manufacturers about tampering or the accidental opening of products in transit. Or it could just be a marketing ploy, to get you to eat it all at once rather than saving some for later.

You know those little plastic things on the end of your shoelaces? They always start fraying after awhile. Then it gets really hard to relace the shoe if the lace pulls out one of the little holes. I hate that. I think it’s why we have global warming.

Use scissors.

Glad I could help.

The plastic tips at the end of shoelaces are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister.

Sinister originally meant “left side” and came to mean portending evil because the left side was seen as unfavorable.

My understanding is that they want you to “Eat It All Now!”.

Using scissors makes the bag too short to fold over. It’s a conspiracy of the chip-clip industry.

If you are too cheap to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get some of the fancy bag clamps designed for the purpose, dig through your desk drawer and find a couple of paper clips. Eat what you want, fold over the top edge and put the clips on.

Then go watch 10 minutes of a news channel and you are bound to find something that will REALLY piss you off.

No, their true purpose is to give crossword puzzle makers another odd word to throw into their puzzles.

The left side… I… I dunno man. That’s just not right.

It’s not just that you can’t fold the bag over it’s that you think you opened it in a useful way and all of a sudden there’s a tear all the way down the side to the bottom and all the snacks pour out.

The Question. Nice.

That hasn’t happened to me in years. Did your teacher cover shoelace tying yet? :wink:
No matter if the bag recommends tearing on the perforation/slit, I always grab the bag with one hand on the front and one on the back, top center, and pull outward. Then the entire top comes open, no corner cut or anything like that.

*More *than a torn bag? I doubt it.

Seriously, I carry a mini-box cutter and it’s slick for this (and it’s so entertaining when you threaten TSA minions with it, too).

The plastic bags in which dry pasta, rice and brown sugar are sold drive me frickin mental - they tear so easily that it’s common to spill some of the contents on first opening - and the big ones come with a self adhesive sticker that you’re meant to use to reseal the bag after neatly opening the top like a purse. I wish the manufacturers would dispense with this ridiculous fiction that their bags are reclosable.

And those tough plastic bags with a heat-crimped top, and a slot cut in it for hanging on a wire hook - they always open in such a way that the tough top part of the hanging loop bridges the two sides of the open bag. Always.

And dexter is the opposite of sinister.
They’re all evil.

People in Somalia are starving ?! GODDAMMIT people, it’s not that hard to tear open a bag of Cheezy Puffs !

How gauche.