Teavana - Like or no like?

They (apparently) intentionally measure out more tea than I want, fail to ask me if the overage is ok, and make me fight to get the weight down to what I asked for. The sample teas they have in the store are incredibly over-sugared, and I have not yet found a tea of theirs that tastes particularly good without some amount of sugar (which I consider a failure). Buying tea should not feel like buying a used car. Suffice to say, I’m not a fan.

How do you feel about Teavana?

overpriced tea for last minute “thoughtful” gifts

i can buy the same or higher quality teas at local mom and pop tea shops or on amazon

I much prefer Adagio to Teavana.

Their tea is of fine quality, but overpriced. The employees seem to be deliberately trained to irritate the customer, and come off like politicians spouting sound bites when describing the tea - they don’t actually know what the tea tastes like, but have memorized some lines.

I wouldn’t go unless I was really jonesing for some silver needle and out of other options. Buying online or from independently owned tea shops is a better bet.

Upton Tea Imports. Teavana (whoever they are) probably buys their tea from Upton. You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I suppose that it’s nice that there’s a tea store in the mall at all. That said, it’s in the mall, and it has all of the aforementioned defects. Generally against.

Only just discovered it this Christmas. Can’t bring myself to pay the prices for my own pleasure, especially when employees let me look and smell for free. Glad that there’s something I can always buy for my mom’s birthday, though.

I’m over flavored and specialty teas though. Isn’t that, like, SO ten years ago?

Lean slightly toward “no like.” I do like their Perfect Tea Maker and their teas are interesting, but I can get good tea many other places.

I have a gift card I want to use, but I can’t decide what to buy when I visit Teavana, irritating the bored young employees who are of no help. I should just go and PICK something.

I’ve seen them referenced in other threads, as well. They look like they’ve got a nice selection and comparable prices to Wegmans. I think I’ll order my next batch of tea from Upton. Thanks!

They have some nice tea, and I like that they offer samples. They are, however, seriously overpriced. On the whole, I’d say, “Nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to shop there.”

Second the recommendations for Adagio and Upton. Especially Adagio - there were times I ordered tea from their website and it arrived so fast it was scary. I literally would have orders at my house the day after I ordered them.

I also used to live near the headquarters for Harney and Sons. They sell really good tea but what was even better was they have a store in town where you can go and sample their teas.