Tech support standup comic?

Awhile back I saw some clips of a comic who, for either part or all of his routine, donned a phone headset, sat in a chair, and re-enacted funny tech support conversations. Ring any bells?

Yeah, Bob Newhart, 1960.

More modern stuff, I got no idea.

This guy?

Unfortunately, the link doesn’t give his name.

Wes Borg

Beaten to the punch.

Speaking as an ISP help Desk person of the past, there’s barely a word of that routine that isn’t true.

That’s kind of sad.

If this is a YouTube video, why on earth would someone link to a “Mustang Videos” page that embeds the YouTube video instead of going straight to YouTube?

And the guy apparently preaches iMac hate, so he’s more of an idiot than the callers he’s making fun of.

Because it mentioned the comic by name, which is what the OP wanted to know.

Check out the Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie Web site for more geekly fun from Wes and his partner. “Every OS Sucks” and “Keep Your Parents Off the Internet” are awesome too.

The MC in the YouTube link does call out his name at the very beginning, though it’s a little hard to make out.

It was anti-iMac, and not anti-Mac. It’s like being anti-WinME and not anti-WinXP. And really it was more of a dismissal than a hatred.

I think you need to go back and listen to it again. He isn’t slamming iMacs or Macs he is saying that they are simpler to use. He tells the little girl that the next time Daddies computer stops working to tell him it is broken, and he should give it to her. Then she should tell him to go buy an iMac the computer for [del]idi[/del] Mommies and Daddies.
After all wasn’t Apple advertising for years based on how simple they were to operate? :confused:
If he is slamming anyone or anything it is clueless computer phobic parents.