Technology Question (iPhone and self-populating fields)

Okay, so I’ve got an iPhone. Sometimes, I like to sign up for an app, and when I register, the app will ask me for my email address. For some reason, my phone ALWAYS volunteers to populate the email field with my work email. I’ve never connected my phone to the network at work, because I don’t want to lose my job, and I can’t figure out how my phone even KNOWS my work email address. I hardly ever open my email even when I’m at work, and I’ve never tried to open that account from my phone.

All of the mysterious stuff is beside the point. Who knows how I can configure my phone so it will volunteer my real email address instead of my work email? Whoever you are, please tell me.


It’s most likely getting your email address from your email conversations. “Siri” will harvest all kinds of data from conversations.
You can tell it what email address to use by editing your personal contact “card.”

Thanks. It took me a few minutes to figure out that you meant the listing for myself in my contacts list, but I got there eventually.