Technosphere! (or: Who ate Britney Spears?)

Well, it seems the last thread on the Technosphere (“I ate Britney Spears”) got lost in the crash. I thought I’d start a new one here so I can brag about how my very first creature, the herbivore Furro_SDMB (#2379649) is thriving. Look how big and strong, how gluttonous! 5 children and 3 predators slain!

Despite the conventional wisdom that carnivores last longer, all my carnies have died, but good old Furro is right on track to make Top Creatures in Size and Food Eaten, if he lives long enough.

Is anybody else still keeping track of their little Technoids?

(BTW…it occurs to me that this might belong in MPSIMS. However, the last thread was here in the Cafe, so I thought I’d put this one here, too. Still, if a Moderator wishes to move it, he/she will not incur my wrath.:wink: )

This little guy, Massachusetts_SDMB_VI, is my fastest and he nearly broke 40 kph.

I started 100 Osiris_SDMB_I carnivores, and so far only 3 have died. I did have a child but it died. :frowning:
Hey, congrats on escaping that creep Gary Condit!

One of my creatures got one of Abby’s pregnent. Who owns Pinky_SDMB (id 2437327)? That sucker nailed one of my Weeders (Weeder02_SDMB {id 2471639}). While we’re at it, my Weeders have been mighty popular with the SDMB crowd. Weeder03_SDMB (id 2471640) was attacked by both SDMBModerator (id 2437549) and Scandium_SDMB (id 2431974). What’s up with that?

My carnie, a_Jesus_Freak_S (ID 2438697) has been doing well, as have my herbies, Tranq01_SDMB (ID 2436963) and Grazer4_SDMB (ID 2438016). A_Jesus_Freak_S has found himself in the middle of an enormous herd of herbies, and it’s been smorgasboard time!

Oh, and my creatures have been boinking their little brains out. They’ve given birth to seven babies, and fathered another half dozen or so.

I have eight alive creatures and 37 (!) dead ones. Only one carnivore survives of the four I created when I read the original thread – CarnieWilsonSDM, who has been preggers for just about forever. YourMother was sadly killed by a little herbivore. Of my living herbies, Fire_SDMB is faring the best, killing carnies left and right. I’m very fond of her. And I want to buy the Technosphere home edition, if they actually release it. Much fun to be had there.

What the hell?!

The huge herd of herbie that were acting as a_Jesus_Freak_S’ buffet has scattered! What, one large and successful carnie in the middle of the pack, and everyone runs for the hills? That’s no fun…! :stuck_out_tongue:

You may or may not (probably the latter) remember the -alix_SDMB series of herbivores I created. Now only Yalix and Ealix remain, big and fat and old and with many children (but no grandchildren). However, as Osiris learned, you don’t screw with Ealix.

(0) 10.3811: Killed Osiris_SDMB_I (id 2505326) in self defense
(0) 10.3811: Caught by Osiris_SDMB_I (id 2505326)
(0) 10.3810: Being hunted by Osiris_SDMB_I (id 2505326)

a_Jesus_Freak_S is one of yours, Tranquilis? EnverHoxha is one of mine. And they didn’t even invite us to the wedding…

(Actually, checking the events list, I see EnverHoxha was shagging everything in sight around that time. Clearly, just a stage it was going through…)

I still have a Skitty!

That is, a herbivore Skitty. I have a bunch of carnivore Skitties, but they’re so boring. For example, Irk has been pregnant for years!

Junior has been quite busy these days, even rubbing “elbows” with celebrity!

Conceived baby turdburglerI (id 2512755) with father CecilAdams (id 2489837)

My little turdburgler is growing up! Sniff, Sniff

SDMBModerator is one of mine, and has also managed to mate with bdgrSDMB (2507969) and eat one of the many **Georgias **. There are no SDMBModerator Jrs running about, however; but then we all know Moderators are created, not born.:wink:

My pride and joy are my herbie Junkfood_SDMB, who just keeps getting bigger, and my carnie something, who’s also eating well. The rest of the pack are having a pretty lackluster time of it.

What’s with the enormous pack of herbivores in roughly the center of the map? No wonder they’re all mating like mad; that closely packed, it’s probably accidental.

Sad to say, but resulting baby was born stooopid, and tangled with an herbie 12 times his size right out the gate… R.I.P. :frowning: In a mad fit of grief, a_Jesus_Freak_S took off running for land where no herbies are to be found, and has taken to shagging the locals.

Who owns Georgia _SDMB_V? Tranq01_SDMB had a little “meeting” with it: “Mated with Georgia_SDMB_V (id 2080308) but conception did not take place…” I shouldn’t be too surprised, though, Tranq01 had been quite the slut.

What does it take for someone to starve to death in Technosphere? A_Nutjob_SDMB (ID 2454601) has been going hungry for ages now, not a single kill to it’s incompetant little name, and still, it motors on…

a_PitSlut03_SDM (2480517) took a run at Oicu-sdmb (2534979) Before deciding another herbie looked easier…

Also, some of my creatures have crossed paths with a number of other SDMB creatures, including:
Texas_SDMB_I (id 2517551)
AnthraciteIIIII (id 1838505)
Toast_SDMB (id 2423703)
Oicu812_MPSIMS (id 2432334)
Felcher_SDMB (id 2431952)
(mated with my A_Troll_SDMB. Heh!)
Deelicious_SDMB (id 2423670)
Abby_SDMB (id 2480555)

I had forgotten about my critters until I saw this thread reborn.

Most of my young ‘uns have gone to their great reward, but MooSDMB is still around and even mated with Stupidity_SDMB (which had earlier escaped from my QuakeSDMB) with no issue. Good ol’ QuakeSDMB has killed 5 creatures and had 2 children.

Of the creatures under my other ID, only Sheila is still alive. It’s a tough TechnoWorld.

I’ve lost another Osiris but revenge will be mine! Swarm! Swarm! Swarm!

Georgia_SDMB_V is mine. He’s an old old guy though. He was more then twice as old as Tranq01_SDMB, tsk tsk. Probably why we weren’t told.

You know what happens when you have families that are too large? Well in the dark ages I had a case of incest!!!

Holy cow!!! I’m closing in on 1,900 animals that have ever lived. 229 still alive.

My carnies have had a couple encounters with some SDMB herbies - Plugfester_SDMB tried to eat Stupidity_SDMB but was ultimately unsuccessful. Whose was that?

Bolshevik_SDMB ate Kentucky_SDMB_VI, and I presume that was one of Osiris’ herbies. Bolo sez “send more of them bluegrass-eatin’ herbies! Them’s tasty!!” :smiley:

Grimstock_SDMB, Olentzero3_SDMB, and Mylo_SDMB haven’t run across any Doper bugs just yet, but they’re still young. Olentzero and Olentzero2 had short lives, but no Doper encounters.

Finally, Pluggy, Bolo, and Ollie3 are all pregnant, but they’re taking their damn time giving birth. Still waiting on the blessed events…

Well, seeing as my creatures seem to be sluts, I’m not too upset with Tranq01 hanging-out with older critters. The little tramp prolly seduced Georgia_SDMB_V, anyway.

Hell, look at Grazer4_SDMB’s (2438016) list of lovers - 59! Woot!

After reading that I decided to finally count up Furro’s encounters—82! Damn, what a tramp!

And in sadder news, the first child s/he gave birth to, Furro_SDMBI (2382781), has been killed. sniff It was so young! Wahhh!

One of my creatures tried to mate 25 times before looking for food and 42 times over all, but I guess he’s shooting blanks cause no little buns in the oven yet. I’ve noticed that the blue round bodies tend to be very promiscuous but very infertile.

I think what it is is the blue bodies peak fertility range is from 0.75 to 1.00. Which is why even though I’ve got 6 generations of herbies, none of the generations have yet to mix, all the Vs were born and now all the VIs are being born, and even though some of my VIs are in their 60s, they still haven’t given birth. Size might also play a factor.

Yup, Kentucky’s mine. That’s my most successful breed of herbie. Please don’t eat my Floridas, they’re endangered.

Oh wait, wrong game. Sorry. :smiley:

So Olentzero3 just died. While it’s certainly irritating, especially because she was pregnant, I seem to be detecting a pattern here. The red curlicue body seems to be the worst design for a predator. All three Ollies were curlicues, and all three were killed while attacking prey.

Has anybody else had similar experiences with curlicue carnies? I noted that the prey in each incident was the blue turtleshell type, but that’s not enough for me to think it’s a specific combination of predator/prey that means automatic death for the carnie.

What’s all y’all’s experience?

I have some Stupidity_SDMBs still alive, despite their best efforts at becoming dinner.

Many of my carnivores still live, though they are deadset on seeing what happens if they never move.