Ted (Movie)

You should hear his brother. :wink:

I was looking for reviews on this movie and came across the most outrageous news. Ted, the teddy bear from this movie has become a sex symbol! He is the hottest thing to hit the plushie community since the movie Alf came out. You guys seriously needs to read this article,http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2012/06/ted-becomes-plushie-sex-symbol

Just got back – loved it. It slowed a little as it went on, but it’s definitely not a “all the funny stuff was in the trailer” movie.

Wahlberg’s flashback to how he remembered the night he and Kunis met was classic-movie-callback gold.


I liked it more than I expected. I figured it would be very “Seth McFarlane” which is a good thing on TV and I thought it translated really well to the big screen. My son and I saw it in a sold out session and what surprised us were the number of off hand gags missed by the audience. We would sometimes be the only ones laughing - very odd.

I thought the two big comedic set pieces - the party and the fight - were very funny. Unfortunate that they couldn’t have been separated a bit to even out the pacing but that’s the way with comedies, at some points you have to stop being funny to drive the plot.

I’d think it would be a fun watch for more than just fans of SMcF.

Oh and I say to you - Ryan Reynolds!

I thought it was really really funny with jokes straight out of Family Guy. If you like that show you will like this too.

I was outvoted by the group (it was between this and Men In Black 3, which I strongly suspect wpuld have been a superior choice) and aside from an admittedly visceral hatred of Mark Wahlberg, I found the film disappointing in its utter predictibility in a way that films like The Hangover or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang were not. Many jokes were telegraphed far in advance, and the overall plot developments were ripped straight from the Comedy Screenwriters’ Handbook, 2003 Edition, to the point that I could often anticipate when particular storylines would reappear, such as Walhberg’s character showing up at the concerns orthe kidnapping of Ted; oh, gee whiz, we’ve resolved the romance conflict, I bet the bear gets snatched by the creepy father and his son. Overall, it played like weak outtakes from a Todd Phillips movie crossed a standard issue romantic comedy. I did like Norah Jones’ turn as a profane, alcoholic version of herself, but other than that I found the movie unmemorable and uninteresting.


Heh…glad someone caught that

By the by, for those who’ve seen it – did your showing have a number of small children with parents who apparently thought “Oh, little Johnny wants to see the teddy bear movie – ok!” too?

Nope. This was one of those rare times where a person stood by the entrance and checked to see that those entering that particular theater did in fact have a ticket to that particular movie.

Yes, but this is rated R – you can bring all the little kiddos you want in with you. We had someone checking tickets, but as long as you’re stupid enough to think Ted is kid-friendly fare, they can go in with you.

Also, a bonus FU to the dillhole in a facebook thread about the movie (a “who wants to see this?”, not “who already saw it?” type thread) who decided to throw a nice shitbomb of a spoiler in there. If I hadn’t already seen it, I’d be fuming.

I liked The Other Guys, but I would watch the hell out of a buddy cop movie with The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.

Very surprising… Me and the lovely scientist laughed out loud repeatedly… three and half stars definitely!! And a big kick in the ass to the idiot dad hustling his kid out of the movie… I mean… with the internet and the fact that SETH was involved do we really have to red flag that kids shouldn’t be their? Well… only a half of a kick… the people to our left just let their kids stay through it…

Mark Walhberg is making some good movies these days… and a varied amount of projects as well…

My very young looking daughter and I went. We’ve been to R rated movies and no one ever blinked and eye. For Ted, the ticket person specifically asked me if she was my daughter. It was very odd. Then we saw the movie. Not so odd after that.

Not very “mother-daughter quality time” type of movie, but we both have a juvenile sense of humor, and she loves Family Guy. We both thought it was pretty funny.

At one point in the promos the bear’s heavy enough to get in a fight with Walberg, and in another promo the bear is light enough to be picked up by a dog. I take it they’re not striving for realism. :wink:

Mine had a ton of small kids in it, but I figured it was because I live in a city with a ton of moronic, unwed, teenage mothers with zero parenting ability.

The theater where I saw it had signs posted everywhere that they were checking IDs for both Ted and Magic Mike with reminders that both are rated R.

The other thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=656910

I saw it with my 15-year-old son, who was very eager to see it, and we had fun. An uneven movie, but overall pretty funny. I’d give it a B. We had just been in Boston, and enjoyed seeing a lot of places in the movie that we’d just seen ourselves. Favorite scene: Wahlberg tries to guess the name of Ted’s new white-trash girlfriend, finally striking gold when he adds the suffix “-lynn.” Best throwaway line: Ted saying, “I really don’t think I sound all that much like Peter Griffin.”

A mom with two daughters - one a teenager, the other couldn’t have been older than eight - left about halfway through.

What I wonder is how many jokes went over peoples heads because they referenced the 80s. There were a lot of references that had to be before the average patron’s time. How many of you have even seen Flash Gordon or Airplane!? Not that you HAD to see it for it to be funny; but it helps.

Then again, I work with a guy whom I had to tell him who Adam West was, and why it was funny that his character was in Family Guy.