Ted (Movie)

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials on TV. Kind of a stupid premise, a grown man with a living teddy bear. I didn’t have much hope for it but I have to say this uncensored preview cracked my shit up.
NSFW hence the spoiler

We discussed it two months back.
I will probably see it.
I will probably not invite my girlfriend to join me.

Damn I’m way behind on this one!
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I like Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis is currently one of my dirty-old-man crushes, but the premise looks bad. I still may see it, but more likely only as a rental.

I saw the poster at the theater and remarked to my wife that even though I’m a Family Guy fan, what could Macfarlane possibly have left to say? Then we saw the trailer, and it was so amusing that even my wife, who hates Family Guy like the Chicken hates Peter, now wants to see it. And I’m glad that Mila Kunis is finally getting some lines.

I’ll go see it. No I’m not expecting it to be a good story; but I ask you this: How good of a story could there be about a teddy bear that comes to life and becomes an adult acting vile teddy bear? IOW this won’t be up for an academy award. I’m going to see it because of what I’m sure it will be… stupid vulgar humor, hot Mila Kunis, cringe inducing scenes.

I can’t wait.

I find the trailer funny. I assume the trailer has most of the funny stuff in it so am not actually all that interested.

But if reviews are even moderately good I’ll probably go see it.

Figured I will make the thread because I don’t think anyone else is going to see it as early as me. Couple things about myself so that you know what my opinion is based on:

I’m 26 so I’m right in the age range he’s going for

I HATE HATE HATE toilet humor, so I’m hoping that he doesn’t rely on that crap

I’m a fan of Family Guy, a fan of Cleveland, and a BIG fan of American Dad

I’m seeing it so early out of convenience more so than I RREEAALLYY wanna see it, that being said I am very excited to see it and thought the redband trailer was hysterical.

I am a bit of a movie nerd so I can pick up on things like plot, characterization, storytelling and that stuff, so my review will be relatively honest in that respect.
I guess the whole reason I did that little list up there was a bit of a caveat to my review. I think this movie is the ultimate target movie: If you’re in the target you’ll love it…if not…you’ll hate it. So I’m putting out all of the things that could affect my review of the movie after I see it

Let us know if you will be able to get past Peter Griffin as the bear talks. I described as Seth Macfarlane doing Peter Griffin doing a stuffed bear ding Seth Macfarlane.

I like Family Guy fine and I’m amicable toward Seth MacFarlane.

However, I think this specific character concept is irritating, judging by the previews I’ve seen, and I also think Mark Wahlberg should be shot next time he gets within 100 feet of another comedy movie. I hated The Other Guys that much.

Wow, really? I loved Wahlberg in The Other Guys and moreso in Date Night.

It’s possible it was just The Other Guys in general, but I found it to be a mean, unpleasant movie. It was hilarious right up until Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson left the movie, and then it just got nasty. I’m not a fan of humor based in discomfort or humiliation in general anyway.

It’s possible he’s funny in Ted, since it’s a different kind of movie. I still think the actual character Ted is going to be too irritating for me to laugh at. I just hope the plot tracks toward Wahlberg’s character growing up and realizing he doesn’t need or want Ted in his life, rather than Mila Kunis being made out to be a bitch trying to keep Wahlberg from his lifelong buddy.

I will say Mila Kunis being in it is a big plus.

I was stunned to read a positive review of it today. Maybe I’ve been getting the wrong idea from the horribly unfunny commercials, though.

If you want a taste of what the movie is probably more like (compared to the network commercials) look up “ted red band trailer” on youtube.

It looks a lot like You, Me and Dupree, except with a talking stuffed animal instead of Owen Wilson.
In other words, it looks a lot like You, Me and Dupree.

Yeah, Ebert gave it 3 1/2 stars and seemed pretty surprised himself.

I’ve noticed they have only shown a handful of scenes. If thats ALL they have to show or the best they have to show the movie is gonna suck. OTOH it would be nice to go see a movie where you haven’t seen the majority of the good scenes in the trailers before you’ve ever seen the durn movie.

I am a fan of all movies, funny or otherwise, that take a rather obsurd premise and try to work with it.

There isn’t much to show because the movie is supposed to be VERY dirty. Doesn’t leave much for use in the trailers.

And I’m back…here are my thoughts

In a nutshell is was disappointing but not terrible. Unfortunately the trailers do spoil A LOT of the jokes, especially in the beginning. The entire movie is just one giant episode of Family Guy minus the cutaways (which there are a couple…and they’re not random and they are pretty funny). It was a couple giant funny parts mixed with a lot of unfunny parts. A fight scene (although it did not go on too long like FG), and shit tons of pop culture references.

I felt a lot of the humor was forced. There were times when it felt like they were writing the script and thought “wow we have been serious for way too long…uh…here’s a joke!!!” and I saw right through that. There were some toilet humor bits, but a lot of it is sex and drug based humor more than potty humor.

The language is the worst part hands down. Lotta F bombs, lotta “shits” and stuff.

I am really surprised the critics like it as much as they do. Not that it’s a bad movie by any stretch that they would “Jack and Jill” pan it, but to give it as good of reviews that they are surprises me.

The acting is pretty good. Marky Mark does a good Boston accent, the bear is pretty Peter Griffiny…but a less stupid sounding one. Joel McHale isn’t funny at all I don’t think. The guest stars however I think are funny. I won’t say who…but the gay one is funny just to watch.

HELLO MILA KUNIS! I am not a fan of hers actually but she both looked very pretty in this movie and I thought acted the best out of everyone. The only acting downside is that I think the dramatic parts aren’t dramatic enough, which is Seth’s fault because he didn’t instruct the actors to be as dramatic as I thought they should be

Overall it’s a good DVD movie and (girls) date movie. You certainly wouldn’t waste your money to see it, but it wasn’t as good as I was hoping.

You’d hope so. :slight_smile: