Ted Nugent can Kiss My Ass

He opened for KISS this weekend and I was there. I’ve seen this asshole before and I was not impressed the first time. This time he insulted me personally. He said that if you don’t speak English you should get out of America. I know, I know, he says things to be controversial. It’s his “thing”. Dammit, I paid for the ticket that paid his salary, I don’t know why I have to expect to be insulted. Oh, you might be wanting me to explain why that particular comment is an insult. Well, you see my great grandparents came to America from Germany looking for a better life. (My great grandmother had a chaperone). When they found a place to settle down, they were married and had children. My grandmother was born in North Dakota. They never learned to speak to English. If they hadn’t decided to stay in America anyway, my grandmother would never have met my grandfather and my father never would have been born and I would not exist. So that stupid asshole insulted me personally. I wonder how many of the idiots in the audience screaming “Yeah!” to the comment also would not be here if there ancestors hadn’t immigrated from Germany or Italy or wherever even though they could speak English. Ted Nugent can Kiss My Ass.

And by the way, if he’s going to make comments like that about speaking English, I think perhaps he should look up the definition of “dirty whore”. It does NOT mean women who have different political views from you. I don’t think he has a full grasp of the language himself.

Whoa, now slow down there mom! While the delivery of the message may not have been the most tactful way to say learn English, the message is valid. I wouldn’t dream of going to another country and expecting them to speak English. How pompous is it to say “I’m going to Belgium, so those Belgians had better damn well speak English so we can communicate”. In Belgium they speak French and Dutch, so if I plan to get along I had better either bring someone with that speaks French and Dutch, learn it myself, or get lucky and run into people who speak English. If I was going to go live in another country I had better learn the language. If you move to the US the official language is English. You should not expect someone else to cater to your needs to have another language spoken to you. If you want to remember your native language, keep speaking it, hell even teach it to your children, that’s fine. However, when you decide to live in the US it is encumbered upon you to learn English.

Well Mom, so what is your problem anyway? Get off your pedestal! Even if your grandmother had been deported she probably would have married and given birth to children. One of those children could have helped bring you into the world.

The man made a statement, he has freedom of speech, he is allowed to express his opinions, just as you are free to express your opinions. Get a life!!!

Ted Nugent also referred to “faggots” quite negatively as well, IIRC.

He’s an asshole. He enjoys being an asshole. He thinks he’s fucking articulate and smart, but when he gets in a forum like Politically Incorrect, and has to deal with people who are against his ideology, he comes off dumber than the animals he so proudly eats.

Archer, you’re a fucking rocket scientist. Don’t you see that the line, “The man made a statement, he has freedom of speech, he is allowed to express his opinions, just as you are free to express your opinions.” applies to his post as well as Ted’s speak?

Next time the Q-Tip meets resistance - Stop.

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So this whole thing is about someone’s ruffled feathers because people move here and don’t speak English?

I am sure Ted Nugent is an ass. I avoid listening to him, and his music. 'Nuff said.

But regarding the rant in the OP: come on. He’s not the first person to bitch about people moving here and not wanting to speak English. Hell, I don’t actually care if they don’t speak English, but they’d better not whine and complain about how no one speaks their language! (This does happen. A lot.)

While Nugent is an asshole for the way he stated his views, I agree with Kinoons that he does have a reasonable point. Many gernerations ago my family had to learn English when they moved to America. Even though I was born here and learned English at my mothers knee, I was forced to study English for 12 years in the public school system and another 4 in college. It is NOT unreasonable to expect someone who has immigrated to this country to learn enough to be able to read street signs, ballots, drivers liscenses, etc (say, a fourth grade reading level) before they are granted citizenship. If I immigrated to another country I would be damned well expected to learn the language. And, I would be embarrased if I didn’t.

I don’t agree completely with Nugent. But when someone moves to this country, they should learn to speak the language.

I worked with a woman whose mother had lived in this country for 50 years and never learned more than a few phrases. She would get angry that *I * didn’t speak Yugo. Her father wasn’t much better.

Now, the inlaws are germans. They came here not speaking a word of english and 35 years later they are fluent and no problemo. They went through a lot of discrimination due to the language and the joys of being a Kraut until they could speak it better and now, you would never ever make that mistake again.

They agree with the ideology behind Nugents statement. How can you be a productive member of your new home if you can’t speak the language?

I, also, don’t agree with the presentaion, but I agree with the sentiment. My ancestors came here from Germany. And they learned to read and speak English. I’m all in favor of immigration, so long as those immigrants attempt to learn the language. (I’m told it’s a difficult language to learn) I am very much opposed to bilingual education (which, in L.A., is failing miserably), ballots in English AND Spanish, Ebonics and other such nonsense.

If I move to Mexico, I’ll learn Spanish. I feel certain that the Mexicans would expect it of me. The same goes for France, Germany, Japan and Italy.

BTW, does any other county attempt bilingual education?

It is interesting to note that English is rapidly becoming the international language. All airline traffic uses it exclusivly and most anywhere you go in Europe, you can easily find someone who speaks it understandably if not fluently.

There is some argument as to where it all began. Some say that it started during the British Colonial period, when their empire was spreading across the globe, but I believe it began where all, great cultural changes begin: in waterfront buckets-of-blood where bar tenders and hookers picked it up from servicemen and tourists.

Ted Nugent? Whodafuck is Ted Nugent?

*Originally posted by Satan *

Archer, you’re a fucking rocket scientist. Don’t you see that the line, “The man made a statement, he has freedom of speech, he is allowed to express his opinions, just as you are free to express your opinions.” applies to his post as well as Ted’s speak?

That is exactly what my post said Satan, everyone has the freedom to express their opinion. Rocket scientist, me?

No, it isn’t. The United States does not have a de jure official language.

ted wants people to learn english so they can understand his profound lyrics:
“she’s so sweet when she yanks on my meat
down in the seat, you know she can’t be beat
she’s all right”

i used to applaud ted for not falling in to the don henley mode of rock star turned liberal activist, but being a conservative rock star activist is no better. rockers like nugent who actually have musical talent should keep their opinions to themselves. shut up and play ‘stranglehold.’

I sedz it before and I’ll say it again: Have any of you heard his stuff with Damn Yankees? 3 power chords and some “monster rock” ballads do not a good musician make.


No it’s not. It’s about as valid as suggesting we start pogroms against the Hmong.


Can you name a single person who came to the US and expected us to speak their language? Then shut up.


Again. You’ve failed to point out anyone who comes to America and expects people to all speak French. And ass someone who lived in Amsterdam and Brussels for about 10 moths I can assure you that you are full of shit. I don’t speak a word (ok maybe one) of French or Dutch, or German (which they also speak in Belgium, if you’re going to mention a country at least get the languages right). I got along fine. Most people do in fact speak english. Also it’s funny you would bring up Belgium. No one in Belgium curses the French speakers for not knowing Dutch. They just coexist with different languages. And yet, you don’t want that. When I talked to people no one showed me disrespect because I didn’t know the language. Why? Because unlike you and Ted they aren’t assholes.


So tell me. What language would you learn if you moved to Belgium? India has hundreds of languages. Does that mean that no one should ever move there becasue you can’t master all of them? What about the people that already live there. Should they move out?


Oh I see, you’re just so full of shit that you really have no idea what you are talking about. It all makes sense now.

i haven’t listened to any ‘damn yankees’ stuff, but after playing guitar for 20+ years i have an appreciation for what’s talent and what’s not talent. listen to ‘double live - gonzo’. if you hear nothing but power chords and feedback, then to quote ted, “tsk tsk.”

Whenever I go to a Ted Nugent / KISS concert, I know that I expect intelligent, polite, relevant and informed discussion between the artists and their fans.

What a disappointment this must have been.

Maybe not “on the books”, but get real. It’s English.

Hard to explain my exact, precise opinion on this, but here goes:

If you don’t speak the language of whatever country, and don’t make an effort to, and you’re in a situation where you need to be able to speak English, you’re going to get shafted, IMO.

If you make an effort to learn the language, at least, and you continue with that effort, I’ve no problem with you so long as you don’t think yourself worthy of freebies because you’re trying.

But if you say “I’m foreign, and therefore special” kiss my ass:)

I brought the same topic in this thread and I got my head handed to me by the PC crowd. My take on the subject goes like this.

I lived in south Korea. I learned Korean and outside of the classroom, I interacted with people in Korean, and I had nothing but contempt for Americans who refused to learn the language. When I visited China, I spoke Putonghua, in Japan, Japanese, and so on. I have always made the effort to blend in as much as possible. Why is it wrong to expect people who come here to speak English?

Well, the Spanish speakers in the DC area don’t speak English. Cops, EMTs, social workers, and ER docs have to learn at least some Spanish to help people. I chat with the nice lady who cleans my office in Spanish because she can’t speak a word of English. When I go to the ATM, the machine askes me if I want to use Spanish or English. Giant Supermarkets are running bilingual ads on the sides of buses here. Why? Because immigrants from Central and South America are coming here and not learning English, so the PC crowd is only too happy to accommodate them by turning America by diminishing the role of English and increasing the use of Spanish.

Now, get this straight, I despise Pat Buchanan and all his Nazi minions, so don’t lump me with that SOB. I believe that America’s strength comes from absorbing the best of other cultures into our own, but if new immigrants refuse to fit in and assimilate, that tears away at our national unity. It’s a melting pot, so melt already!

First a side note. Does anyone else think that it’s a sign of the apoclypse that we have TWO threads devoted to Ted Nugent. Personally, I am very frightened by that.
goboy. At the same time, you seemed to miss the word of my comment. you failed to point to anyone that “expected us to speak spanish”. We accomodate their foreign language. Yet, at the same time so does France. They have signs in English.