Teddy Ruxpin to return to stores -- the Horror!

I didn’t think these were that great the first time around.

I missed it. What was the GoDaddy commercial? I’ve found several sites with copies, but I don’t want to open it at work. Can anyone describe it?

The GoDaddy.com ad was played during the Superbowl. Basically it had an attractive, full-figured woman wearing a small tanktop that said “GoDaddy.com” or something testifiying in front of some board as to the appropriateness of their upcoming commercial. They asked her what she would be doing in it, and she started to jump up and down and twirl around and then one of her straps broke (of course she caught it in time). The whole thing was supposed to be a joke at the FCCs indecency crackdowns. I think Godaddy.com does webhosting or something. I was a bit distracted, I’ll admit.

Dear Og. I had successfully blanked That Name from my mind.

Now it’s back, oozing its cute-but-oh-so-subtly-wrong expression into my mind. The horror. The horror.


Notice that it says that the cassettes will be replaced by MP3 cartridges. I can’t wait to hack those and have Teddy Ruxipin singing inappropriate song at my next poker night.

Oh no, Not again.

I saw this earlier and told Inkleberry that I didn’t want our son Tinkleberry to be scarred by this creature. She revealed that she has an original hiding at her parents place for him. It was her’s. That explains so much.

…I really wanted a Teddy Ruxpin when I was a wee one.

:: shudder ::

Not only was there a Teddy Ruxpin at my house, there was also a Grubby. Grubby was horrifying.

The ultimate terror was having them both on at the same time.

I’m reminded of Robin Williams’ bit about being paranoid from cocaine and wondering if at night it told the kids “Tonight you must kill mommy and daddy…”

My brother and I cracked up our younger cousins by putting the Guns ‘n’ Roses *Use Your Illusion 2 * cassette in Teddy Ruxpin, so he would sing “You wanna antagonize me? Antagonize me, motherf___er! Get in the ring, motherf___er, and I’ll kick your bitchy little ass, PUNK!”

Teddy Ruxpin was actually invented by one of the Krofft puppetmakers (you know, HR Pufnstuf, the Bugaloos, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters). Somehow it doesn’t surprise.

That’s exactly what I thought about. Teddy Ruxpin freaks me the hell out. I never had one, because it freaked me the hell out then, too.

Could be worse…

you could have a Teddy Ruxpin and a FURBY in the same room, just imagine what would happen if they were fused at the “cellular” level, the abomination that would be produced

… I would have loved to put an Ozzy Osbourne album into a T.R…

If you want something really disturbing, put in something like Cannibal Corpse and watch as Teddy Ruxpin becomes possessed by demons.

Death Metal meet Teddy Ruxpin. Teddy Ruxpin meet death metal.

“Daddy, Daddy, my teddy bear is possesed!”
“First we need an old priest and a young priest, and maybe some Judas Priest.”

I’m silly. I’m going to stop now.

I can see the medley I would concoct for Teddy already:

I Touch Myself by the DiVinyls
Horny by 2 Juicy
Gett Off by Prince

and the grand finale:

Closer by Nine Inch Nails.


When I had “Mother Goose and Grim”( a comic strip) in the paper there was once a set of panels in which a teddy bear was jumping all around, shrieking out hard rock lyrics. In the last panel the dog, Grim, was chuckling and said “I love putting KISS tapes in a Teddy Ruxpin!”

Ughhh. I couldn’t even stand to watch the commercials for that demon bear when I was a kid.

This was my childhood fantasy.

My two year old picked up an old one at a garage sale. If it weren’t for the fact that the darn bear is her favorite car toy, I would gladly express mail it postage paid to anyone who asked.

Pity… I’d like to see what I could to to one with scissors, wire, fabric, a soldering iron, an oscilloscope, and an MP3 player… :smiley: