Teeming Millionaires 3.0

That’s right… we’re at it again!!!

We’re trying out a new site (www.marketplayer.com), and the rules there work a bit differently. You can place limit and stop loss orders (good thing) but you can’t register once the game has begun (bad thing).

Since no one can register once the competition has begun, I have decided to shorten the time span. The competition will run from Tuesday, March 13, 2001 through Friday, April 13, 2001, giving us all those 2 days to concentrate on Tax Preperation. :slight_smile:

You must join by Monday, March 12, 2001 to participate.

Head over to the Competition’s Page and join. You have to register with the site, then sign up.

Good luck to all!

“Just when I though I was out…they pull me back in.”

<sigh> Okay, I’m in. This’ll be interesting, what with the absolutely screwy market these days.

Hey, CNote, how’d all that daytrading work out for you? <snicker>

I’m in.
My only trepidation being the obvious…
This one ends on Friday the 13th.
Does this means the winner gets seven years of bad luck or something?

For the moment, still…


[sub]Just once… I hope![/sub]

I’ll be in soon…


Okay, I’ll give it a shot. Maybe this time, I’ll actually pay attention to the market and make adjustments accordingly.
Nah… I’m investing in food, booze, and guns. :wink:

I’m in

Prepare to get Skoool’d :slight_smile:

(I anticipate to win)

Me too.

About as good as you’d expect on a site that hardly ever worked. Hopefully this new one will run better.

If that’s the case, and it runs right, I’ll smoke you and any of the other rubes out there who think they have a chance at beating me.

The way I see it, you’ll be cleaning my house for lunch money by the time this game is over. And you can start in my bathroom, the toilets been looking a little rank lately.


Seriously? Who knows how I’ll do. I’ll take what I’ve learned from the other competition and see where it takes me in this one. It’s all a learning experience for me- the competition just makes it fun.

Onward ho!! -ya rubes.

The somewhat, sorta, kinda final results are in for the second challenge…pantom has graciously conceded the crown to the first place trader…and we are all gearing up for a SMOOTHER competition this time…
[sub]What?..not 'til Tuesday?..really?..darn, I hate waiting…[/sub]

Looks like it worked out pretty well, Cnote, considering. But since you weren’t actually daytrading for the last week or two, and your portfolio took off, maybe it’s time to think about going long, huh?..[spooky little short lady]“Come into the light, Darryl-Ann.”[/spooky little short lady]

Uh oh, don’t put thinksnow in there cleaning the toilets…he’s learned some baaaaad tricks (the hard way…)


Kudos to Paul! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

:blows kazoo and tosses confetti in the air:

[sub]Now that that’s out of the way…[/sub]

Didja all notice that, in the new game, you can place more advanced orders? Didja?!?
Chris, that means you’ve got more ways to lose money! :smiley:

sdimbert: couple of things:

  • clicking on Straight Dope Message Board link on the Competition Home Page yields an error for me.

  • my portfolio’s already earned interest. Very puzzling.


You broke this one, too? No, seriously, is this still happening? The link works just fine for me.

Regarding the fact that you’re already earning interest: Cheater, cheater, cheater! :smiley:

Ne, seriously (again), mine has also. Call it a benefit of signing up early. I’m a whopping $22.22 ahead of the game.



It’s not working SD. I keep getting a “Over maximum percent daily volume for stock” message when I try to buy. I’ve gone all the way down to 1 share and still get it.

Could it be a problem with the “Maximum % Trading Volume” setting? It’s currently at 0.00?

Yep, had this same problem…

Looks like it should be an easy step for sdimbert to edit the rules. Let us know…


Also, sd, when I enter a figure of more than 50% of my buying power, I get the following: “Over maximum percent equity for stock.”.

Sounds like there’s a limit to how much of your portfolio can be allocated to a single stock (or am I reading this wrong?) I couldn’t find anything in the rules about it, except that their Top 20 competition has a limit of 33%. Any help for this situation? Or is it a limitation we are forced to accept?

Thanks for checking,


Both problems fixed.

Can anyone see the banner I made on the Competition homepage?

Paul The About to Get Beat-Down

Well…hmmm…it’ looks like I have a mission in life now. It is, of course, to crush you. Nay, I shall rend you as a cat tears a baby mouse. I will make a spectacle such that passers-by will cringe, women will avert their eyes and babies will cry out in anguish. Yes, you will rue the day you mocked me, Younger. Rue it, I tell you.

CNote, you’re next, bub.

[sub]Good job to bibliophage, though.[/sub]

Bring it on!
[sub]And check the leaderboard while you’re at it…[/sub]

::Puts on asbestos undies preparing to be flamed::
[hijack](Actually, thinksnow, I really was wondering how that maid service thing came out…)[/hijack]



Curr.                       % Return
Rank   User ID            1 Day   Total

 1   **PaulTheYounger**       7.04%   7.04%
 2   **CnoteChris**           4.06%   4.06%
 3   **mamapotomus**          2.18%   2.18%
 4   **pantom**               0.76%   0.76%
 5   **sdimbert**             0.29%   0.29%
 6   **SouprChckn**           0.01%   0.01%
 6   **AdNoctum**             0.01%   0.01%
 6   **Mooney252**            0.01%   0.01%
 6   **PercyPercy**           0.01%   0.01%
 6   **thinksnow**            0.01%   0.01%

Not bad! Nobody has lost any money yet!

BTW, nobody answered me. When you visit the competition’s page, do you see a header graphic for Teeming Millionaires 3.0?