Teeming Millionaires 3.0

Sorry, sd, forgot to answer that. I can’t see the banner (has one of those boxed X’s on it) but I can click on it…it takes me to the MarketPlayer Home page.

Also, the hyperlink for SDMB in the welcome message gets a “Page cannot be found” error. Looks like a typo in the hyperlink code – comes up as striaghtdope.

Hope this helps!


Rubes and Rubettes-


I’m back, but only temporarily. My computer went kablooyie and I’m in the process of rebuilding it.

A whole ton 'o stuff I lost.

-But I’ll be coming back meaner than ever.

Second place ehhh?

I can beat you with my computer down?

I’m confused about the rules. If you ALL lose money, does that mean everyone else wins?

Friends, neighbors, pals…

Would someone out there post the main link for this page again?

I lost it in my PC crash and the link above isn’t working.

You guys are the best…

Chris, it’s http://www.marketplayer.com. The Competition ID is SDMB-III.

Good luck!

I can’t believe I didn’t get more shit for that request. I thought for sure you’d laugh and say, “Good Luck”. Considering my portfolios’ going south, maybe you want me in.

Anyhoo, when I’m trying to log on this morning I’m getting an “Make sure your browser accepts cookies” message.

Now I know I’m having problems with this comp., but it’s not set to disallow cookies.

Anyone else having this problem?

Hey… remember back when I said:

What a difference a day makes…

RANK     NAME        1 DAY   TOTAL
  1  PaulTheYounger  4.22%  11.55%
  2  SouprChckn      0.01%   0.02%
  2  AdNoctum        0.01%   0.02%
  2  Mooney252       0.01%   0.02%
  2  PercyPercy      0.01%   0.02%
  6  sdimbert       -0.31%  -0.02%
  7  mamapotomus    -3.54%  -1.44%
  8  pantom         -2.31%  -1.58%
  9  thinksnow      -2.23%  -2.21%
 10  CnoteChris     -8.06%  -4.32%

At least the competition average is still above 0.

Chris: I have had no problems with cookies.

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I had an impossible time figuring out the market this week. Shoulda shorted, but didn’t even think of it. Figured it couldn’t get much lower.
But I was wrong.
Maybe we should start taking guesses as to when this thing hits bottom?

Yeah, I’ve been shorting about 2 to 1. Used to play the Yahoo challenge where they didn’t allow shorts, so this is very liberating. I think we’ll see a moderate or maybe nice bounce on Monday. It’ll be the first time that people will be ready to buy in anticipation of the 50 -75 pt. rate drop on Tuesday. (If there’s not a lot of positive data out that suggest the fed doesn’t need to act as strongly – strange days indeed.) Like you said, it can’t actually get worse, can it?

BTW - sd, we need to make a point of inviting Scylla for the next challenge. He proves himself quite capable of losing money as well as any of us.


Figured my lucky streak would end soon.

Anyone else holding their breath 'til 2:15?

(Nice day’s work guys – everyone wearin’ the green yesterday, ‘ceptin’ me)


I’m hanging in there. I’m holding firm with a thousand dollars on the plus side.

Thank you Adobe!

I swear- stockbrokers, investors, you name it- their one goofy group.

I was watching the feds statement and the floor live as the numbers were released. Even as the fed’s statement was being read, the stock market started to plummet. Every second it went down a few more points… and the points hadn’t even been said yet.

Bunch of goofballs.

I still think it’s a good time to buy. This simulation/competition has led me to actually invest some real money in the market. In a few years, the majority of these stocks will be standing fine. Or so I hope.

How y’all doin?

By the way, is there a way to see other peoples portfolios value without clicking on the name?

Nope, the site updates only every other day so the averages they have on the main page and stuff are generally wrong anyway. Site loads slow too. I sure wish I was on a computer earlier so I coulda liquidated before they all dropped like rocks.

  1  --  PaulTheYounger  3.08%  28.82%
  2   2  AdNoctum        0.01%   0.09%
  2   2  Mooney252       0.01%   0.09%
  2   2  PercyPercy      0.01%   0.09%
  5   4  thinksnow       4.35%  -0.59%
  6   1  sdimbert       -1.11%  -1.06%
  7  -4  SouprChckn     -1.81%  -1.68%
  8  --  mamapotomus    -1.99%  -3.58%
  9   1  pantom         -0.40%  -5.93%
 10  -8  CnoteChris    -10.41%  -9.37%

Awright, awright, what’s Paul the Younger smokin’ anyway? Looks like I need some…

Looks like I’m smokin’ Cnote’s !! :smiley:

Just kidding, couldn’t resist…(flame line forms to the right).
Secret to my success? Lot’s of luck, and some digging.

If anyone wants some real-time numbers, go to Yahoo Finance. It will provide RT ECN quotes for many stocks. (Select Real-time ECN instead of Basic).

I’ve been primarily day-trading this time around, with a healthy mix of shorting…it’s been a lot easier to pick the dogs then the high-flyers this week.

Happy Trading!


Special thanks to cazzle who has allowed me to park the competition’s banner on her web server.

Whaddy’all think?

Nice Job sd! Looks great…now I don’t have to go searching through my 327,000 bookmarks to find this page!

BTW - My daytrading days are over for a little while, I’m getting much busier at work, so I hope you all take this opportunity TO KICK SOME BUTT!

(But not mine, OK? :smiley: )

You’re certainly in no danger of having your butt kicked by me, anyway. I can’t do one thing right this time around. This is really getting annoying.

Hang in there Pantom. Paul’s gonna plummet, and plummet bad.

Their building him up right now, letting him get cocky, then he’s done for, the plug’s gonna be pulled. Trust me.

When the dust settles from this competition, Paul, you’ll be lucky if you’re able to afford ditch weed.

Just can’t help it I guess…didn’t plan on trading anything today…but, some opportunities are to good to miss. So I’m up another 5%.

Sorry, Cnote, I’ll try harder to take it easy tomorrow. Maybe even plummet a little, ok? :smiley:

Hope everyone sees green tomorrow!