Teeming Millionaires - Round II!!! (Stock Market Game)

I am pleased to announce that the second Teeming Millionaires Stock Market Challange is now open for registration.

Head over to the Virtual Stock Exchange Competitions Page and sign up!

NOTE: If you did not participate in the first Teeming Millionaires Stock Market Challange then you must register with the VSE before you can join our competition.

To sign up, you must know the following:
[li]Competition ID: SDMB-II[/li][li]Competition Name: Teeming Millionaires II[/li][li]Competition Password: ceciladams[/li][/ul]

The Challenge begins on January 8, 2001 and ends on March 6, 2001.

[sub]If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, via email or online chat… check my profile for addresses, ID’s, etc.[/sub]

Well, I may never hold second place in the competition, but at least I was the second to register for it. (Hey, ya gotta take your pleasure where you can when you’re a mediocre trader. ;))

I signed up…


Kinda seems like the second one should end on tax day…

I’m in.

I am in as well!

It’d be really cool to get a lot of players for this game. Just thought I’d say that. As a side benefit, this will put the thread back on the first page, which may help get players.

I love it when a plan comes together.

registered okay, but can’t seem to join the comp.

the page loads without any graphics and, all in all, pretty crumily

I’ve had troubles these last couple days, as well. Mostly with graphics on the VSE pages not coming in. Keep trying, a reload eventually seems to get it all up.

When we played there for a couple of months recently, I never had this problem. So, I hope we can look forward to trouble-free times before the game actually starts up on Monday.

I’m in.

thinksnow, remember that the competition password isn’t the same as your login password. The competition password is ceciladams. That was just one of many problems I had before I finally got it right.

I also had problems…for anyone else who is trying to join up but is having similar trouble:

register first then go tothis page (it wouldn’t let me find it by searching for the name SDMB-II)

The button you have to click to join is just above the word “Enter” in the line “Enter your competition commentary, including:” but my browser doesn’t seem keen to load the image. If you know where it is you can still click it though.

good luck :slight_smile:

teabag, thanks for the link.

bib, I hadn’t ever gotten to a screen where it asked for the group password, but teabags link worked.
I’m in.

Yeah, the pages do look weird. I had to guess where the link was to join.
But, I’m in!
Prepare to be defeated again, fellas (hehehe)…

I’m in!

[sub]Now if I actually knew the first thing about trading…[/sub]

for financial and other matters that could be of assistance to all you budding financiers.



Has anyone been able to start trading this morning? All I get after I sign in is a blank page.

By the way, for those of you reading this thread for the first time, you can join at any time, I believe.

Just after posting above, the page loaded correctly. But I still seem to be having a lot of hitches in navigating the site. Hope they work it out soon.

saltire, what’s your secret? I haven’t been able to login or trade at all today.

Just FTR, I can’t get on either.


I had to rejoin the competition. The system had me earning interest since I signed in before, so maybe it realized that I needed to be reset so all could start at the same level.

Still won’t sell me any stock, unfortunately. Or maybe that’s fortunate. I’d just get myself in trouble if I started trading.