Teeming Millionaires 3.0

Wow, I’m so glad I have no real money to play with. Maybe the “buy stuff I like” and the “buy what someone else bought” strategy isn’t the brightest way to invest.
Oh well, I guess not being in the top spot keeps me from having to talk smack to the other contestants… :wink:

Nice to see that the guys who are only earning interest aren’t at the top of the leaderboard anymore. That was a crazy last week or so. Things seem to be a little better this week, lets hope it stays that way.

Dow was up more than 200 today and I managed to lose money. I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West (or was it the East?) after Dorothy threw water on her…

“I’m melting, melting…”

I figured I had a sure thing, shorting my own companies stock. Heck, we’re a tech company that’s dropped the $230mil in VC given last year to give us a current value of about $100mil…we’re laying off people lile it’s cool and anyone not on a billable project is scrambling…well, for about two weeks, then they’re hitting the bricks.

How the hell did we start to gain?

A quick check of Pauls portfolio has revealed (I don’t know if I like how that reads…) that he has sold off all his holdings.

Sheesh Paul, I didn’t mean for you to take an all cash position. Get back in there and trade! Lose like the rest of us!

Not to disappoint, I did just that today, and things don’t look good for tomorrow. I broke the first rule of daytrading – don’t hold a stock overnight! I’m all set to lose some more tomorrow. Won’t have time to trade tomorrow either, so I might just have to hold this one (CSCO) until it turns back around in a day or two. Oh well. It’s only 1’s and 0’s.


Rank/Change     Name         Daily Gain/Total Gain

  1  --      PaulTheYounger   -14.35%    15.72%
  2  --      mamapotomus       -4.65%     1.49%
  3   1      SouprChckn        -1.87%     0.74%
  4   1      AdNoctum           0.01%     0.18%
  4   1      Mooney252          0.01%     0.18%
  4   1      PercyPercy         0.01%     0.18%
  7   1      sdimbert           1.05%    -3.23%
  8  -5      CnoteChris       -13.14%    -8.23%
  9   1      pantom             0.16%    -9.62%
 10  -1      thinksnow        -11.05%   -17.26%

Isn’t there a ring in Hell for people who join a stock market competition and don’t trade?
[sup][sub]preferably one VERY CLOSE to the central fire.[/sub][/sup]

I’m in second?
If I’m doing well than the Apocolypse must be near.
Score one for dumb luck!

Lets see what next week brings…

Like that banner, sdimbert. Just noticed it.

Thought for the day: “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” - Lord Keynes to a friend.

Nice job, guys!

I’ve been doing well in the retail sector last couple of days, (on great earnings news from Best Buy; and Bed, Bath and Beyond among others) but I think that’s slowing down now. Looks like the bears are back today with the new jobless data surprise. Hope you cashed out some of those profits yesterday, looks like a good time for shorts.

Anyone else care to comment on their strategies?


Man…I forgot all about this thing…

<looking back at the results…>

Hmm, -2, +4, -11%…yeah, try timing this market!

This competion is stright luck of timing. IRL I’m buying now for the long haul. Bargain basement prices all around and my IRA needs some long-term growth potential.

In the short term it’s all random, true. Still, I think I’m going whole hog into gold this coming week. International crisis, stock market spiraling down, etc. The coming week looks like the world has a better chance of going to hell in a handbasket than most weeks.
Which probably means the crisis will be solved, the stock market will go through the roof, and I’ll wind up in last place. Haven’t done a thing right yet, so I don’t see why the coming week should be any different.

'Tis a noble thing that you do, pantom, solving the country’s, nay the world’s, financial crises, with a sacrifice of this import. You are to be commended. We’ll put you in for the Medal of Honor, if you don’t make it.

Godspeed, man!


Somebody should e-mail Colin Powell, just so’s he doesn’t stay up nights worrying anymore. :slight_smile:

I am in Bizzaro Stock World today folks.

Bought AMB Properties and Ruby Tuesday yesterday, ahead of their earnings reports. They BOTH reported great earnings, so they’re up today right? NOPE, I’m seeing red.

And Sawtek holdings announces reduced earnings and warns for the next quarter and rest of the year – I shorted them yesterday anticipating that – AND TODAY THEY’RE UP 15%!!! ARRRGGGGHHH!
Well, gentlemen, there’s two and a half days left, and it’s a footrace now.

I’ve got my money on the three guys collecting interest.


Sweet lord, I sold Best Buy just a little bit too early. It was one of my few high performers so I decide to unload so I don’t lose big and thats the same day it goes up 2 bucks.
Ah well.

So I decide to look at the leaderboard and it says I’m number 2. Then I looked at the individual % total returns as of today (April 10) and what do I see. PaultheYounger’s long time reign as the top performer as far as total percentage goes is over. I’m number 1 for the meantime. Yay.

Congrats, SouprChckn!
Now, if I could just get the gold stocks to get out of their own way…

**Rank      ID           1-Day    Overall**
 1    **SouprChckn**       1.09%   2.11%
 2    **PaulTheYounger**  -5.56%   0.81%
 3    **AdNoctum**         0.01%   0.31%
 3    **Mooney252**        0.01%   0.31%
 3    **PercyPercy**       0.01%   0.31%
 6    **mamapotomus**      2.41%   0.18%
 7    **CnoteChris**       1.39%  -2.99%
 8    **pantom**           1.34%  -9.32%
 9    **sdimbert**         7.06%  -12.67%
10    **thinksnow**       20.16%  -16.24%

Hey guys…this has been such a grueling contest…whaddya say we all take tomorrow off?

Then we don’t have to worry about that Friday the 13th thing, huh? :slight_smile: