Teleporting in Borderlands. Help please.

In the manual it says that I can go to those terminals where I can change my name and colors and select the bunny on top to teleport to any completed mission area. It doesn’t seen to work though because every time I go to one of those the bunny is white for a second then goes black. No warping anywhere. I just beat Sledge and am sick as shit of having to walk out of each “dungeon” after spending all my ammo getting in. It really drags.

So how in the hell do I make these work so I can teleport back to Firestone instead of walking/riding back all the time?

Keep playing. The teleporters will be unlocked eventually.

It’s after you get to… shoot. It’s the place where the skagzilla is. I can’t remember the name of the place but duality72 is right.

Keep playing and you’ll get there. Once you do it’s really nice.

It’s what I’d consider the second “full zone,” it’s probably actually a couple missions into the next place you’ll get to.

After you’ve killed Sledge, the very next place you’re sent to will task you with turning on the teleporter system. That said, there’s typically only one teleport terminal per area, and they’re not active until you’ve visited them once, so you still have to do a fair bit of driving and walking to get to places. I’m looking at you, Tannis…

Ah ok. Thanks. They sure didn’t make that clear in the manual. I assumed it worked right away since you can see the bunny at the first terminal.