Televangelist Kenneth Copeland is Coco for Cocoa Puffs.

This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

Journalist asks question about luxury plane and things go really weird.

  1. That guy is crazy
  2. Who gives money to that guy?
  3. Why didn’t the reporter ask “Jesus didn’t have an airplane, why do you need it?”

What does God need with a starship? :cool:

I shudder to think what that crazy-eyed motherfucker’s browsing history looks like.


People who want to be saved, glory be to his ministry.

When you’re rattling around Hell (or even flying commercial in a tube) with a bunch of demons, you’ll regret having mocked Kenneth Copeland. :frowning:

He’s got 10 times the money as Joel Osteen, he’s doing faith healing and I’ll bet he’s got the charisma of Jim Jones. That’s a powerful combination for the weak minded, the people that will do what they’re told as long as they believe doing so will bring them closer to god/reserve their spot in heaven or that the preacher has some type of direct conduit with god/jesus.
If a preacher can make that type of connection with their congregation, they can ask for just about anything from them, and get it, in the name of the lord.

It’s not like this is anything new either. You can go back to Jim Jones, The Bakkers etc. In probably the most famous example, this guy pulled together nearly $20,000,000 in a weekend.

I’ve seen video of both Copeland and Jones. What I don’t get is how anyone says they have (or in the case of Jim, had) charisma. I just don’t see it.

You also have to keep in mind that they’re, literally and figuratively, preaching to the choir. They’re not telling these people anything they don’t know, they’re just guiding them into a place (mental or physical) that serves the needs of the preacher. While you, or most people, could sit through a service done by one of these people and not think much of it, much less move across the globe and kill yourself, for other people, what these preachers are saying resonates with them.
It’s not all that different than inciting a riot or starting a rally or picket line. If you say the right things, to the right people, you can get them into the right frame of mind and suddenly you can convince them to go on strike or march on the steps of city hall or burn down a building.
These guys convince people to give them money.
Or, looked at differently, if you don’t like the word charisma, there’s little question that all these televangelists, have so much conviction and confidence in what they’re saying that the type of people that would believe in what they’re saying are unlikely to be skeptical about the situation.
Going back to Jim Jones or even David Koresh, the ‘survivors’ of these cults all say pretty similar things. That they trusted in what he was doing and they were willing to do virtually anything for him to get to that goal. The goal typically being some type of paradise. ISTM, that translates pretty easily to these people saying ‘do what I say and you’ll get to heaven’.

Regarding that, another televangelist, Jesse Duplantis (who just asked his followers for $54 million to buy a Falcon 7X jet, his fourth private plane), said recently, “I really believe that if the Lord Jesus Christ was physically on the Earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey. He’d be in an airplane flying all over the world.”

Now, I’m a non-believer, but I think they’re right that Jesus wouldn’t be riding a donkey. But he might be riding a bicycle. Or maybe he’d hitchhike. But I don’t see him in a luxurious private jet.

Duplantis was funny when I saw him on TV, which kinda made you want to like him. A lot of people never encountered sermons with humor beyond a tired old joke at the beginning that you laughed at more for politeness than anything.

Copeland, I have no idea what his “charisma” was. He always just seemed bizarre. I can only bet it’s the “telling people what they want to hear” crap, mixed with the fact he just looks like a preacher.

And, of course, like all prosperity preachers, they hold themselves out as proof of what they claim to believe.

He previously laid hands on and prayed for Trump at Trump Tower during his campaign.

Heck, I’m impressed Copeland is still around and going at it, he’s been at it a while.

Minivan, bought used (two of them, really, to fit the Apostles). And if he *had *to fly, probably on Southwest/EasyJet or some other discount carrier.

I’ve flown with those demons in a tube, They put their carry on bags in the front even though they are sitting in row 27.

I’ve flown with those same demons. If only I was righteous enough to afford my own private jet.

I suspect early stage dementia. Ken Copeland is 82.

It’s sad seeing someone that respected lose control of his facilities.

I’ve heard his sermons years ago and he was a very good preacher. I haven’t watched him for at least 15 years.

Boy, that guy is NOT used to his shit not working on people.

What makes you think that?
Just because of the plane? This is his 6th(?) plane. He’s been buying them for at least 10 years.

It’s entirely possible you know something about his mental status that I don’t. I’ve never heard of the guy until recently. I’d wager it’s something more akin to him having three quarters of a billion dollars (as in 20x more than Joel Osteen) and losing touch with reality. It’s hard to argue that he’s a man of God, when he chooses to ask his congregation for $19,000,000 to upgrade the hangar and runway to handle all the planes he has. That’s a whole lot of money that could be put towards things that Christianity tends to stand for, like helping others in need.
Do you think that someone with $760,000,000 understands what it’s like to not be sure if you can afford next months rent, while he’s suing Texas to get his plane exempt from taxes?

And just because I’m reading it, I’ll toss this in:
His daughter, while not anti-vax, does say that there’s a vaccination/autism link
His wife tells people not to go to doctors that pump you full of poisons, and instead use alternative treatments…like faith healing.
TLDR, why do you think he has dementia?

I don’t have any inside information. Ken seems so much different then how I remember him 20 years ago.

His emotions seemed all over the place in that video. Very unstable.

As this thread title says, he seems nuts.

He’s the right age to be in the early stages of dementia.

Was a reporter asking him uncomfortable questions when you saw him previously?

He’s acting like someone who is not used to getting questioned.