Tell me a scary story

It’s starting to get pretty cold at night here in Wisconsin – dipping all the way into the 70s; oh, shivers and goosebumps. So naturally, I started thinking about Hallowe’en and things that go bump in the night and how my youngest brother likes to creep up on me and make dinosaur noises, which is always guaranteed to make me jump and scream, the big jerk.

Of course, thinking about the dinosaur noises made me want to hear about scary things from other people, and as I’ve heard all my family and friends’ scary stories, I turn to the Internet. So, please, members of the SDMB, scare the pants off of me.

The tale can be true, it can be fiction, it can be like something out of one of those Alvin Schwartz “Scary Story” books (though preferably no sewer rats posing as chihuahuas, thanks). Share a link, share a memory, share you irrational fears come true.

How funny that you should ask for this right after I finished reading this.

WARNING: Extremely TMI, disgusting, and horrifying.

Ugh, I’ve read that before. Blech.

The last man on Earth sat in a room.
There was a knock at the door…

From an old book of ghost stories, can’t remember the author :

"You wake in the dead of night. It’s pitch black. You feel an overwhelming need for some light. You reach out to grope for the matches and, without any fuss, someone places them in your hand "


The people of the United States elected George W. Bush President. Twice.


She didn’t request a tragedy.

Thanks to all the rain I have had to harvest the pumpkins, so I’m in a Halloween mood too.

Global warming is real!
you know…if you want…I can…um…hold you and keep you all warm and such…crosses fingers

You’re right - that font is scary! And why can’t I make it change?! :eek:

Unfortunately, the original seems to have been purged :mad: but here you go:

Very Vaguely Creepy: the Sequel

It shows up in Times-Roman, size 15 on my screen, in MS Word. Do you find that scary, or is there some 'puter weirdness afoot?

She said scary - not horrifying. Damnit, son, use spoiler boxes for that stuff!

WordPad opened it on my comp, and even though it claimed to be Times, it was some weird swirly bolded font, and wouldn’t stop displaying like that. When I reset the default to OpenOffice, it looked fine.

Microsoft is out to get me, it knew I installed OpenOffice and is messing with me now… rocks back and forth

I just read this one to my son the other night…

A young girl was alone at home late one night. Her mother had told her that she should be doing chores, but she was watching TV instead. All of a sudden the phone rang. She reached for it and a gravelly voice said “I am the Viper. I’m coming up!”

She slammed the phone down and ran back to the couch to cover herself with a blanket. A few seconds later, the telephone rang again. She let it rang three, four, five times, then she couldn’t help herself and went to answer it. The same voice said “It’s me again. I’m the Viper and I’m coming up!”

She screamed, threw the phone agains the wall and ran to lock the front door and close all the drapes. But then the telephone in the kitchen rang and the bell kept on ringing and ringing until she thought she would go MAD!! She picked up the receiver with trembling fingers, and a raspy voice said “I’m the Viper. I’m coming up. I’m almost there!”

She screamed a scream of pure terror, and then she heard heavy footsteps in the stairs - STOMP STOMP STOMP. Were the footsteps coming down the hall? She thought of going to the door and dashing across the hall to the neigbours to beg for help, but the footsteps were coming CLOSER and CLOSER. She hurriedly tried dialing 911, but her fumbling fingers couldn’t get the number right, until finally the phone slipped out of her hand as she heard a LOUD KNOCKING on the door - KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. She looked through the peephole but couldn’t see anything - then again KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK and she almost jumped out of her skin. All of a sudden she couldn’t stand it anymore, and with a feeling of impending doom she opened the door to meet her fate. She was petrified with terror at the sight of a short little man, with a drooping mustache, piercing black eyes, and a threatening scowl on his face, who said…

while showing his bucket… “Vat took you so long? I’m the viper! I’ve come to vash and vipe your vindows!”


As requested in this thread

Most of the experiences I’ve had (which aren’t many, if I really thought about it I’d come up with enough on one hand and several probably WERE my imagination) are nothing special. Nothing particularly scary. One though… It’s not really scary to anyone but me, but here goes.

When I was about ten, we lived in a townhouse in a small town. We’d lived there for a few years, I was creeped out by the basement in the way young girls sometimes are and disliked being in the bathroom in the dark (I’d heard Bloody Mary by about that age at Guide camp).

Well, I woke up one night very thirsty so I went down the stairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I’m not sure why I didn’t just go to the bathroom, it was closer (on the same level) and we kept a cup there but I went down the stairs and into the kitchen. I got myself a glass of water, drank it and started back up.

Now to give you an idea of the layout, the kitchen was near the front door. The dining room at the very front, then the kitchen and a short hallway leading back to the living room with a big set of sliding doors out to the small yard. The stairs were between this, one set going to the basement (with a door) and the rest upstairs to all the bedrooms and the bathroom. From the stairs you had a clear view of the living room with the sliding doors covered by blinds as they weren’t enclosed by wall until you got to the landing and part of the hallway behind if you turned around. The stairs themselves were perpendicular to the hallway wall.

I got about halfway up before the landing and stopped dead because I just got such a shiver down my spine. Like someone was glaring a hole in my back out of complete and utter hatred and thought I’d heard something, or someone, moving around. I would swear on a stack of bibles that between one second and the next I was no longer alone.

Up until this point there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was dark, but a nearby street lamp lit the room enough I could see. I hadn’t been afraid, or nervous, or thinking much of anything except to get my drink of water and go back to bed because I was so tired.

So here I am, ten years old in my nightgown, hearing a strange noise (no pets either at this time in my life) and my lizard brain just shrieking at me. I turn enough to look down into the living room, nothing at all but furniture and the blinds tilted just a crack at the bottom but no one looking in at me. I look back at the hallway/wall behind me and I know there is no way there can be any person there. Not without me seeing them.

For a second I think maybe it’s my Dad, playing a joke, he’s like that and sometimes misjudges. But then I hear him snoring from the room above. I know my brother is asleep, my mom is asleep, all of them upstairs in their beds…

and I am alone, with something that hates my guts, on the stairs, in the dark.

Finally my lizard brain kicks in enough to get my butt moving and I practically fly up the stairs, down the hallway and to my bed (above the dining room) where I dive under the covers and don’t come out until morning.

To this day, I don’t know what it was, what I felt. I wasn’t sleepwalking, I never did that, I’ve had night terrors and nightmares and the only thing to come close to that feeling was a night terror but this was more. The night terror only stalked my sleep and went away when I woke up gasping. I never felt it again either, in that house or in any other I’ve lived in and afaik no one died in that townhouse or anything that could I could reasonably say ‘Ahh that was the ghost.’

To tell you the truth, just typing this creeps me out and I get a tremor down my spine though it’s not far past sunset, the lights are on and I am not alone.

One story I recall reading when I was a kid, summarised from memory:

Guy meets a lovely lady, they get on fine, ends up with her going back to his place, where they start fooling around on the bed, ending up naked. She wants the light off, and he’s about to get up off the bed and walk over to the wall-switch at the other end of the room.

“It’s all right, dear,” she says, “I’ll get it”, and, lying there, stretches out her arm, out along the bed, down onto the floor, across the large rug, across the floorboards, right over to the wall, up the wall, all the way up to the switch, where her hand flips off the light, plunging the room into total darkness.

End of story.

::shudder:: Barrington, really!


…and that’s how much college will cost for [insert name of your youngest child. ::cackle::

One day, you will die! Then, you will become… a zombie!

Caves, especially narrow and claustrophobic ones, really creep me out, so this account of a new cave that two amateurs explored, especially trying to squeeze through those tiny tunnels, gave me some serious willies.