Tell me about Brentwood, TN

Mrs Magill was RIF’d last month. (Boo!)

On the bright side, she’s already received a couple of offers. (Yay!)

However, none of the offers are in North Carolina. (Boo!)

She’s gotten what looks like a nice offer from a firm in Brentwood, TN. She would have pretty much the same job she had up to last month. I think. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what she does. I usually get about as far as “ESB integration” before my eyes glaze over, and I start nodding at the right times. That’s okay, I think she does the same thing when I talk about 5E translations and vrf routing.

Anyhow, I’m turning to the teeming millions to tell me about Brentwood. We would be moving with three young boys. What school systems are good, which ones should we avoid? Are there any good T-K programs for a rising Kindergartener?

Would I ever be able to have good (Eastern) NC Barbecue, or would I be doomed to nasty, thick tomato based sauces?

Brentwoodis a small town outside of Nashville proper. It’s in Williamson county, so their schoolsare what to search for. All my friends kids go to Brentwood Academy, Franklin Road Academy, or Battle Ground Academy down in Franklin, about 10 minutes away. They’re all private, and I went to BGA last century, so I can’t speak about the current schools there!
The median home cost is about $450k, making it one of Nashville’s upper scale suburbs, but Nashville is similar to Charlotte geographically; it’s not that big a place, easy enough to get around, not crowded (to an Atlantan) and so you could look anywhere around Nashville or Franklin and her commute wouldn’t be objectionable. 2 main roads and 1 Interstate all lead from Nashville to Brentwood, so it’s an easy go from most anywhere.

Then again an old GF of mine lives on the fairway at Brentwood CC, and she seems to like it!

A good real estate agent can answer a lot of these things for you.
I have a good friend there who’s an agent; I can give you his info if you like.

BBQ in BW? Nah. Bar-B-Cutie in Franklin or Nashville, or by the Parthenon in Centennial Park. Tell Andy I said hi!

Let the rejoicing begin! You or yours has a solid job offer in Brentwood? Niiice!! Start packing before they change their minds.

I don’t live there, but I have good friends in the area and have visited it many times. It’s one of my absolute favorite parts of the US. The only downside in my eyes is that the winters are colder than I prefer (I actually like the hot summers; I frequently visit during that time of year). So I’m jealous!