Tell me about Burley's (bike trailers)

My brother just had twins, and I’d like to get him a Burley so he can back to training. Hoping to hear some tips and suggestions before I go shopping, since I don’t even know where to begin.

I’d also like to get him a running stroller, do they make burley’s that also convert so I just have to buy the one thing?

Are there a lot of considerations I should be aware of?


Several Burley models work with the stroller or jogger kits that they sell - their webpage is pretty comprehensive on this.

I have a hand-me-down Burley - we introduced our kids to cycling this way. Later we used the trailer and a trail-a-bike and then the kids all got their own bikes. They now can travel further than most of their friends - even the five-year-old.

The trailer is damn near indestructible - I’m keeping it around for cargo use.