Tell Me Something You’re Not Supposed To Say

In this thread, you are invited to say something that may be obvious or obscure, but you’re not supposed to say it, whatever that means to you. Maybe things like unenjoyable traditions, failures of common sense or misplaced priorities. But not, of course, things most people would find offensive.

Maybe things like exercise generally sucks for losing fat, or that you don’t need to have plans and goals for everything.

Apparently I’m not SUPPOSED to say that voting for a Republican is a sin. Leastways, when I said it on Facebook, my big brother said I was an idiot.

Not every person, or body, is beautiful. But it doesn’t matter because there are so many more important things to be than beautiful.

My husband’s cooking sucks. That is something I will never, EVER say…but it is true.

Hamstringing the elephant in the room Modern Christmas is a miserable pile of shit. It turned religious shit into a focused capitalist pile of shit, and has created the focus into a diverging path of totalitarian pseudo-Christian law , or just giving money out of paranoia of that.

Those pants do in fact make your ass look fat.

Micro aggressions exist in the mind of the micro victim, and have no independent existence.

Either there are more people than I knew with A camera in my bedroom, or… you made a very obvious deduction.

Getting the good opinion of others, while pleasant, is largely worthless. Seeking or actively wanting it is the kiss of death for your confidence and peace of mind.

If I espouse some opinions, I may be banned from the SDMB. So I guess I had better not say anything.

Going For the Brass Ring, Chasing Perfectionism, Making Something of Your Life: these are all open-ended goals that one will never finish achieving, that will only keep one unsatisfied with one’s Life As It Is. Far too many people spend their whole lives trying to get somewhere they don’t need to be. It’s okay to do nothing grand with your life.

No,those pants don’t make your butt look fat.
Your butt makes your butt look fat.

Most people are not good. Most people are at least mildly evil.

Gift giving is a huge expensive waste of time. I don’t have much use for the gifts I got this year and I doubt the recipients of my gifts have much more use for theirs. We both paid over the odds for something that the other party either didn’t want at all, or could have found a preferred version of if they did want the type of thing itself.

Especially if it’s “because it’s expected” due to Christmas/birthday/Easter/etc.

Wrapping gifts means there is time and money wasted on ephemeral experiences (unwrapping gifts takes very little time compared to the time it takes to wrap them), not to mention that most wrapping, including the bows and tape, goes directly in the trash.

And then shipping wrapped gifts across the globe?

Stop buying stuff because of the date on the calendar. Not even for children. Spend time together, or save money for a flight to go visit the people. No one needs that much stuff.

Are you pregnant? Or have you just gained weight?

No, I will not stay up to babysit you while we are drunk and listen to stories about your childhood tramas again.

I’m really not at all interested in whether you will have a good day or not.


Last night at our xmas eve party, someone asked the room what your highlight of 2022 was. I answered that I assume it is yet to come. Changed the mood a bit, I should have kept quiet. I was joking anyways.

I think democracy may have already failed in the US, and possibly a few other places. But the US for sure.

A large majority of US voters support things like access to abortion, healthcare, and other “left” ideas, but somehow, Republicans keep dominating the legislatures that are needed to actually do any of those things, and they simply refuse to do them, no matter what.

It’s gotten so bad that the elected officials can literally ignore the will of the people on a specific vote, and suffer zero consequences.

Florida clearly voted to restore the voting rights of felons, but the legislature came up with some bullshit to limit that as far as they could.

In 2018, nearly two-thirds of Florida voters approved Amendment 4, which restores voting rights to most people with felony convictions who have completed the terms of their sentence. The amendment originally restored the right to vote to roughly 1.4 million people.

But shortly after the election, the state’s GOP-controlled legislature passed a law requiring that people with felony convictions pay off all fines, fees, and restitution associated with their sentence before they are eligible to register to vote. After GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the law in June 2019, roughly 774,000 people who would have been eligible to vote were no longer allowed.