Tell me your MMORPG guild and/or party horror story.

I thought that if you /ignored a player, it stopped duel requests. And does anyone know a current-ish addon for WoW that extends the ignore list?

My latest one was yesterday. I claim a PUG allergy so I mostly group with friends. A guildie says in guild chat that he wants to do Nexus to the first boss for the Winter Hat drop. He’s a lvl 76 mage. I say ok, I’ll get my 75 feral druid tank; I’d done that the previous week 4 times in a row to get hats for everyone who wanted them. A lvl 80 elemental shaman who I group with a lot says he’ll go too, and he needs the hat. I’m flying out of Dalaran to get there and I see the group is now full and there are two names I don’t recognize. Both are apparently friends of the mage, a lvl 80 ret paladin from a highly respected guild, and an unguilded lvl 68 DK.

Right, we have no healer. The shaman says he’ll do healing then, and I know he’s good so I’m not too worried. Then I start hearing the whining. The DK doesn’t have the FP to Coldarra so he wants summoning. The paladin’s in Shattrath and also wants a summons. Then the DK wants us to share “the quest”. I explain the hat is for an achievement not a quest. Turns out the DK is too low to be summoned and leaves the group. I get them to confirm in chat (the paladin isn’t talking much) that the two who want the hat are the mage and shaman, and so we will be killing the first boss only twice.

So finally we get all the cats herded up, buffed up, and I go in. Hang a left and plod along the hallways to the one with the frozen people in it. The mage starts yapping about which boss are we going to kill, I confirm it’s the BElf mage, and he’s going on about how that’s two bosses away. We say no, it’s the first boss. Then he won’t shut up about how the Alliance Commander in the middle of the hall is a boss - “no he’s not” “he is on Heroic” “that’s heroic, not normal” “he drops loot there” “(thanks for sharing) he doesn’t here, he’s not a boss”. Meanwhile the paladin is being a total aggro maniac; he’s 5 levels above me and from an excellent guild so I’m sure his gear must be awesome, but the shaman (having to heal his butt) noticed that the pally’s DPS output was really awful.

We get to the boss, and the paladin asks us what blessings we want. I double-check what I have. Blessing of Wisdom. Mana regen on a feral druid. I guess his friend sees the same thing because both of us type asking for Kings or something for me instead. I probably should have noticed that, but I also don’t expect lvl 80s from good guilds to be idiots. We kill her, and I pass on the loot. Remember how I’d confirmed with them that we’re only doing this twice, and the mage and shaman need it? Yeah. The paladin rolls on the (bind on pickup) hat. We figure he was spacing out during that conversation. The shaman wins the roll. I’m already halfway to the door, so I type “So we’re doing this two more times then?” and the mage and shaman say yup, looks like it.

Second verse, same as the first, and the paladin and mage roll, mage wins. Mage announced shortly before getting to the boss that this will have to be his last run because he has to go, and promises his friend that he’ll go with him later to get the hat. The paladin says that’s ok, he doesn’t really need the hat. (boggle Why are you rolling on a BOP item that the others do need then?) Why not? His tailor will make it for him. :smack:

I don’t bother to disabuse him of the notion that this is a tailorable item.

I’ve been lucky, because I’ve mostly had pretty good experiences with PUGs. The ones that bug me are when you are half way through the instance and two people are like, ‘oops, gotta go’ and leave you there scrambling to fill their spots (and having to run back to the entrance to summon).

I much prefer instancing with our guild (our Doper guild on Cairne server).

I think one thing that helps me with PUGs is being a healer (74 Holy Priest); people don’t want to piss me off because getting another healer can be hard.

Every once in a while I wonder if I’m missing out not playing MMORPGs any more. Then I read threads like this and remember why I stopped.


Ferret Herder, Need Before Greed concerns me for that exact reason. I think in a situation like that, where you’re grouping up specifically to get drops not everyone needs, I’d go Quartermaster as the party leader unless I was intimately familiar with the players involved, and at that point I’d probably trust them enough to do FFA.

Heh. Just a word of defense- My gnome is a jumper. That is, however, because I’ve always felt gnomes are on a permenant sugar rush, and thus during downtimes I have her run around, jump, and /emote like crazy. This being said, I -never- do it where I’d have a chance of aggroing anything; Usually it’s just in the entryway of instances whilst we wait for other team members to show up. I usually use the opportunity to tell bad jokes, sing silly songs, or give people slices of pie. :slight_smile:

Minor hijack, but you don’t need a healer for this. My feral druid and my husband’s DK (both 80) easily managed to kill the mage lady for the hat on normal mode as a duo.

There’s a bossfight in Hellfire Citadel where the boss has a couple healers. Standard practice is to tank the boss and DPS down his healers first, then move on to the boss. When he’s at about 25% health, he starts yelling for healing. Typical tank: lets his healers die, then whines that he’s not getting healing.

I don’t group much, and almost always never do PUGs, mostly because I watch all my guildies whine about the horrible PUGs they’ve gotten into. I’d rather have sucky gear than sucky gaming.

If it was me and the shaman, plus maybe someone else I knew, I wouldn’t have been that worried, but adding the other “unknown” elements was what concerned me about needing healing! I hadn’t grouped with that mage before and don’t really think I’d like to repeat the process.

And Bosstone, good point, but with only one non-guildie left who was a friend of the mage, I didn’t really think that was needed. Silly me!

I mostly love my guild otherwise though. I was having problems killing Drakuru in Zul’Drak with my druid - the quest where you charm a troll to tank him. My husband flew up there with his 80 hunter, we both died, and he went ‘wtf it wasn’t this hard for me, are you doing this right?’ Yes, yes I was. I read the quest guides and such. I griped in guild, a friend said it had bugged out on her to be way too hard as well, and she came with her 80 shaman and another friend with his 80 DK. They flew up while I went in the usual way and bam, finally downed the guy. Thanks buddies! :smiley:

I’ve got two: one for PUG, one for guild.

The PUG one happened way back when I hadn’t been playing very long. I was still Alliance back then, a human rogue, and I’d wheedled the spouse into playing as well (I bought him the gateway drug…er…game…and got him addicted) on his human paladin. We were both around level 20-22, but major newbies. We pretty much had no idea what we were doing.

So…the first instance Alliance side is the Deadmines, which is supposed to be for levels 17-22 or so. We got a late start because we didn’t really understand instances, but finally decided to run. We found a level 27 warrior and a couple of others, and figured, “Okay, this guy is 5 levels above max for this dungeon, and the other two are experienced too–this should be cake.”

Uh…no. That warrior was the biggest idiot this side of Leeroy Jenkins. He basically just barreled through the instance, aggroing a whole pile of mobs, not knowing what the hell to do with them, and getting us all killed. Finally after one near-wipe, he announced (verbatim): “im leavin ur gay group” and hearthed out.

We didn’t instance again for probably 10 more levels. Just totally soured on the experience.

My guild story concerns the Horde. I started a blood elf as soon as they became available, and for a long time I ran my own casual leveling guild. When I got to 70, I merged it with a casual raiding guild to give myself and my guildies (none of whom was 70 yet) more opportunities. The GL seemed nice enough–she was a good raid leader, funny, and overall we seemed a good fit.

Little did I realize that she was also a psycho. She’d already been run off another server because of her psycho ways (she could be mean, manipulative, and incredibly vindictive–she took it personally when anyone left the guild, and usually insulted them and hated them forever, even if they’d been friends before) and she began systematically alienating most of the guild. I talked her into letting me take over leadership (she retained the GL privileges, but I ran the guild) and that worked out for awhile–but unfortunately she always maintained the last word. Her SO (who was mostly easygoing but when he got going he could be meaner and more vindictive than she was) supported her. Eventually, after a big loot-drama blowup following our first kill of a boss in Tempest Keep, basically the whole raiding corps left that night or the next day. I finally saw the writing on the wall and bailed as well. Soon after, GL and her SO changed their names and changed servers, taking most of the guild bank with them.

Things worked out well for me, though–I joined one of the most respected guilds on the server (the top raiding guild at the time–we’ve fallen a bit behind post-Wrath due to a couple of other guilds being larger and able to field 25 man teams faster) and am now an officer in it–a guild full of rational, mature, and decidedly non-psycho people. They do exist. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about an addon, but if you report someone for spam, you will effectively have them on ignore, and they do not count against your total for the regular list. I think that report is intended for gold sellers, but I use it for anyone doing annoying things in the various chat channels.

I can see that in WoW. CoH/CoV is a different animal altogether. You can be getting a team together by a mission door and be pretty close to hostile criminals and villains a lot. Acting without caution in a sugar rush way in Paragon City can easily bring several high level freakshow, Lost or what have you down on you.

There are a few tricks to deal with some people.

For those who follow you and spam challenges to a duel, I carry my full Gladiator set with me. The spammer challenges me too many times, I do a quick change and curbstomp them. For spammers (let’s say in Ironforge or Orgrimmar), hunters can invite the spammer to a group. If the fool joins, declare war on the nearest faction rep - Cenarion, whatever. Cast Misdirect and watch that NPC attack the spammer. Meanwhile, you already started running and laughing.

I’ve said before that common courtesy is what allows most of us to function in the world without killing each other. mostly in my thread about loud music players. But it can be a WoW philosophy.

i say this because I don’t try to ninja stuff, or interfere with other players. If a players on the same quest as I am asks for help, thats cool.

I didn’t need or actually want the loot from the graverobbers in the Raven Hill Cemetery. But my lvl 30 rogue was on his way to finally finish off Morbent fel and I remembered those jerkhole NPCs from killing me before. So I pulled 2 of them and used a target dummy to distract one while I got his mate. I noticed another player standing there watching. They were probably there before I noticed them.

While I was engaged in combat the other player ran up to whatever loot was in the coffin and ran off. Now i’ll be honest…I’m not sure if there was loot in the grave. But the way the character acted made me think there was. (its been a while since i played and even back then I never bothered with the robbers. They were either too strong for me, or when I leelled too easy. I just attacked them for the sake of it ths time) So I might be wrong…I actually hope I am. I’ve run past an entrance or two when another player was attacking the guards, but i wouldn’t “steal” the loot they were after out of principle. (and in my experience, the player will usually ask if you need help in getting the loot or quest item if you don’t screw them that way and help you out. I try to return that favor. I helped a guy lower level than I was get incendiate ore from the spider cave when I noticed him trailing me through the place, trying to not get killed. He is now an ally I team with at times.)

I know a lot of people do this…its kind of silly. its justy a game and the loot will ALWAYS be there in places like Raven Hill. Theres nothing spectacular to get at the level range anyway.

guildies on permanent ignore, leaving morons stranded in the middle of hostile territory, training my own team so they die…I think I may be on the wrong side of this list.

note the guildie on ignore was truly stupid and obnoxiously talkative, and after my 4th corpse run because you cant stop getting me killed I will leave your ass, as for training my own team…it was the only way I could kill the prick.
I have no patience for stupid crap in game, I do however have patience with people who want to learn something, hell I once spent a sick day playing eq and teaching some newbie rogue every trick in the book, over 8 hours with a total stranger and when I was done he could teach most long time players a thing or 2.

I have various, but my favorite was the nelf hunter in a heroic Steamvault run whose idea of trapping was to get it in an ice trap for a second, break it with autoattack, and then let it beat on him. That’s not a joke, either. That’s what he did every single time we gave him something to trap.

Then there’s:

-The paladin tank who tried to tank without righteous fury on.

-The fury/arms warrior “tank” who flat out refused when I asked him to put on a shield instead of dual wield. I was healing. He also used death wish on a boss fight. He got his wish.

-The healer who accidentally spammed heals on me, the rogue, instead of the tank, causing a wipe.

-Every tank who pays no attention to his healer’s mana bar, but just pulls pulls pulls.

I usually solo, and I’m glad I have several characters. When I get bored with one I just log onto another for awhile. Which is what I usually do if I run into a persistent jerk like the guy that followed me around the other day when I was hunting Dark Iron Dwarves for the Dn Modr quest. Some other players had gone through the camp of DI dwarves and wiped them all out. I waited for them to respawn. It was easier for me that way anyway. The baddies respawned only a few at a time making it easy to stealth up to them (as a rogue) backstab them and finish them off without aggroing four or five of them at once.

Enter the jerk…an even level warrior. He’d wait for me to stealth up to a target then use his charge to rush up and attack them before I could. He did this about three times in a row. I considered asking him if he wanted to team up and get the quest done together, but to be honest, him being a jerk made me rather not play with him. So I just logged on to anther character that had quests in the wetlands too and finish a few missions.

I don’t like to team up with assholes, or people that act like children.

To that list of assholes and children add people who are drunk or high. I shudder when I see “Excuse me, I need another toke” on a chat line. People, you can NOT be an effective raider when you’re drunk or high, and especially not if you combine them. If you’re going to do that, go to Orgrimmar or Stormwind and dance on some tables and call each other “N00b!”.

Worst case was a guy in my guild who showed up in Vent slurring his words (having a thick Spanish accent to go with it didn’t help the anglophones, either). Got kicked from the raid that night and told not to do it again if he wanted to stay in the guild. Actually, it was quite atypical for him, normally he’s sober and one of our better guys.

I have a guildie who is a very nice lady, but seems to be asleep at the wheel more often than not. She’s just a terminal ditz. We were on our lowbies running RFC, I’m on my priest (normally a rogue) and the ditz is on her rogue (normally a warlock).

Why she rolled a “need” on the blue BoP clothie item I will never know. It’s such a tiny thing for me to get butthurt over, but Jesus lady, do you pay attention to anything at all? She hits “need” for just about everything. She’s either really greedy or really ditzy or both and she’s using ditzy as a cover.

ETA: part of what pissed me off a bit, was the big need for healers in my guild. So I rolled the priest to help out. I get no respect. I swear healers get shafted.

I had just started out on WoW after playing City of Heroes for several months. I’d been playing City pretty much from it’s launch, and one thing I loved was the attitude of pick up groups.

Oh dear.

So I started Wow as a Human Warrior. You know nothing to complicated first time around, just something that can solo well at low levels so I can explore a bit.

After my first hour or so I was asked to party by a couple of other players. And we had a good time. We did things right / we did things wrong. All in all the rest of the day went well.

Next day, just after I logged on, the same two players asked if I would like to team up again. “Hell yes, yesterday was great”.

A few more hours of good gaming, and they asked me to join their guild. Well they seemed to be good guys. We’d played well together, and had a good laugh about games, movies and other geek stuff and had a good time.

But that was on the public and party channels.

The entire Guild chat channel was full of nothing but links to bestiality and borderline kiddie porn.

Wow. That makes my first WoW guild look good by comparison. For the benefit of the reader, I will say that my stay there was less than 48 hours. In that time, a new member joined and deposited 1k gold into the guild bank (!!!). For this, he was not even given a promotion, and the guild “leader” pocketed the remainder after buying a second bank tab*. The guy was a serious wanker.

I only joined b/c my nephew and his gf were in the guild. Eventually we all split off into our own guild and took a few members of the other one with us. Every time we see the leader of the other guild he’s boasting at his membership, which I think can be chalked up to mostly alts and people that like the guild tag (which is rather witty if I do say so myself, but which I withhold for privacy’s sake).

*In my current guild we have about 40 members, at least half of which are alts. We have three tabs + repairs. <3 my guild.