Ten years from today it's gonna be 12/12/12

I just realized that and thought I’d share.


Why wait for the fun? Get ready for March 3rd… next year!

So what did you think of 8/8/88, 9/9/99, 01/01/01 and 02/02/02?

I wonder if they’ll call 11/11/11 Barcode Day!?!

Okay okay, I’m going to bed now.


(But if by some chance they do end up calling 11/11/11 Barcode Day, remember you heard it hear first!)

Dude, that’s the coolest day ever! Think about it…it’s the most of any one number in a row in a date. It’s better than 8/8/88 and 9/9/99, because there are techically zeros in front. Man, it doesn’t get any better than this until we get to 2/2/22!

(Yes yes, I know there is also a 2 and a 0 in front of the year, but I’m not going to live another 109 years. Hmm…11/11/1111.)

and someones gonna be 12!

March 3, 2003 is one day before my 29th birthday. Fooey.

I don’t want to wait until 3/4/34 to do something crazy, darnit. Or better yet, 3/4/74, when I’ll be 100 years old.

On June 7, 1989, my husband came home from work just so that I could take a photo of him standing by a clock and pointing to his watch when it was 11 minutes and 12 seconds after 10.

6/7/89, 10:11:12

He is the only person I’ve ever known who finds humor in statistics books…

One of Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughters was born at 8:00 on 8/8/88. I think it was Princess Beatrice.

I got married on 02/02/02. I think Mrs. Scribe was trying to make sure I’d remember our anniversary.

If I recall correctly, there was a couple who got married at 8:08 on 8/8/88 in the town of Eighty-Eight, KY.

I also delighted when my digital watch (twice) showed the date and time as 12:34:56 7/8/90.

What happened May 6th, 1978, at 34 minutes past noon?

12:34, 5/6/78

I liked it.

cmkeller’s is the best yet, tho (all the digits in ascending order)

What would the date be, or have been, for all the digits in descending order?

My grandmother was born on 12/11/10.

NoClueBoy, the best I can come up with is 6:54 3/2/10.

Less than 8 years to go!

It will be a very special birthday for me indeed!
I never thought of that.
I do rememeber being very excited on my 12th birthdy though.
on 12/12/12 I will be 41 and you will all be invited to my house for cake, ice cream and nekkid twister.

January 2nd, or February 1st, depending on your location, of next year.

[sub]At 04:05:06, no less.[/sub]