term coinage and other ballsy things

So, I’m driving home yesteday, and I think to myself the words “wow, that guy’s got balls”. I can’t recall if this was a reaction to somethign that happened on the road or what, but it got me thinking. Terms regarding brave/foolishly brave things tend to originate from the male genitals, especially the testes. So I’ve decided that in the interest of fair play and equality I’m going to coin a phrase with identical meaning for the fairer sex.
In order to do this, I had to think of what it is women have that is closest to balls in terms of uniqueness to anatomy and similar function. I decided on the fallopian tubes.
So, when talking about a male who has just done something “ballsy” we can still say:
“wow, that guy has some balls.”
but when a woman does it, we can now say:
“wow, that lagy has some tube.”
And instead of calling it ballsy, we call it tubesy.

So far, the reviews of those in my life have been good. Of course, they’re all eager for me to say it a lot, while being suspiciously quiet in that regard.
So help me out here. Am I being kinda silly and stupid doing this?
Am I breaking new ground and making a difference?
Also, what terms have you coined?

I would say the corallary to testicles are ovaries. Since ovaries are also round, why not just use the same term?