Term for a woman who flirts to cause trouble

I’m something like 100% sure that there’s a term for this and thought I even knew what it was, but Google is refusing to confirm. But basically, the idea is that there is a certain type of woman who actively tries to get men to fight over her, because she enjoys causing problems for people and loves to watch people harm each other.

The word I thought this was spoilered, so as not to mislead others brains:


Can anyone think of the actual or confirm if mine is the correct answer?

That word isn’t in my Shorter OED (see pp. 968-969). However, ‘firebug’ is a slang term for someone with VD.

Firebrand? Some dictionaries include a definition of a person who stirs up trouble.


I was thinking “femme fatale”, but that’s a bit more specific.

“Attention whore” was the first thing that came to my mind. The term doesn’t necessarily imply flirting though.

In my neighborhood, we use the term “Cheryl DeLucca”.

Oh man, poor Cheryl.

Cock teaser.


Drama Queen, tease

Vamp: a woman who uses sexual attraction to exploit men.






This was the first word to come to mind for me; the second was shit-starter.

I think drama-queen and attention whore are more general. People that cause trouble in general and want attention in general.

Tease or cock-tease doesn’t necessarily imply it’s being done for a specific purpose. She (or he) might just enjoy the power of having someone lust over them and not intend to annoy a third party.

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