Terminator 3 - "Talk to the hand" - What does that mean?

I know that expression is used twice in the movie. Is it a popular expression or was it made up just for that movie?

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In the case of the Terminator flicks, it was John Connor in T2 who taught the Terminator the slang. Since the “knowledge” is downloaded, the T800 in T3 was programmed with the knowledge of the one in T2. Thus, the “talk to the hand!” and finding the keys in the sun visor at the bar.

It’s not like I’m afraid of SkyNET or anything. . .

I see pink has the matter well in…er…hand, and no one is offering a buck fifty so I will just mention a recent notable reference:

Jerry Springer: The Opera includes the memorable line (sung by Jesus) “Talk to the stigmata.”

Not quite as memorable as “Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians” but up there.

How could it be? Arnie got smelted at the end of T2.

Anyhow, “talk to the hand” is pretty much, “No, to your request, and would you now please piss off”.

I wonder if Señor Wences ever used this line.


Since the T2 Terminator was destroyed, there’d be no way for it to download the knowledge of the keys in the visor to the T3 Terminator. That’s an error on the part of the filmmakers.

Additionally, John Connor didn’t teach T2 “talk to the hand.” He taught him “hasta la vista baby,” “no problemo,” “eat me,” “chill out” and “later, dickwad.” T3 picked up “talk to the hand” at the gay bar when he stole the leatherman stripper’s clothes.

Sorry, not “download.” “Upload.” There’d be no way for T2 to upload the knowledge to T3.

And I’d have posted first but I’m such a geek I actually went to the DVD to get the T2 slang right.

I was about to ask . . . “Wasn’t it where John and Aaahhhnold were at the Mexican sand-buried bunker?”, but then I remembered, you’re darn right. :smack:

But I will maintain that somehow, that knowledge of adaptation passed from the T800 in T2 to the one in T3. Call it a loophole if you will . . .

My bad. I haven’t had enough time to watch the trilogy this evening. :smiley:

The fact that T3 exists at all is an error on the part of the filmmakers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. I learned it as “hablar a la mano,” and bonus points were given for the most anglo/SFValley accent used when saying it.

Unless they used T2’s crushed arm in that gear as the start for their next model, but that is not what happens.

[spoiler]We’re talking about a movie where cars with a “virus” from a killer robot can drive themselves by moving their own steering wheel, and accurately track a fleeing truck without actual sensors, even when the master robot is not paying attention.

Also, Skynet was completely screwed in that movie. It might have infected comuter systems, but this won’t help it restart any industrial production to build itself an army.[/spoiler]

Terminator 3 was a complete travesty in general *(though I liked the ending)*so I wouldn’t waste to much time trying to work out the “plot” and find any holes in it. Why the filmmakers felt the need to turn it into some sort of camp comedy I don’t know.

I don’t think T3 was a very good follow-on to Terminator and T2, as it basically betrayed everything both of them said, and didn’t follow continuity very well.

BUT, viewed strictly on its own, it was WAY better than I expected it to be… a much-better-than-average BigActionMovie.

The only good thing about it was the ending. They should never have made T3 unless James Cameron was going to direct it.

It might’ve worked a little better had there been a bit where Arnold describes the events leading up the future-humans’ first use of the time portal. Skynet will use it three times, sending a 101 to 1984, a T-1000 to 1997 and a TX to 2004 (the dates don’t really match up to John Connor’s age in the third film, but no matter). The humans then capture the facility and try to rectify the situation. John Connor sends a fellow human back (Reese) to 1984, but tells Reese that there will be no further use of the portal, so he doesn’t freak out Sarah Connor too much. Once Reese was gone, Connor sent back a reprogrammed 101 to 1997. A second 101 managed to get Connor, but was captured and reprogrammed by similar means by Connor’s widow (Katherine Brewster) and sent to 2004.

Of course, why she didn’t just send the 101 back with orders to eliminate her Skynet-building father would remain unclear.
In any case, the T3 101 knowing to look in the visor for the keys to the truck he’s about to steal is something I can understand. Note that he doesn’t do this again, hot-wiring the hearse (which is actually different than his 1997 counterpart, who simply tore away the covering over the ignition switch). The “talk to the hand” is a mannerism copied from the male stripper. The desire for cool sunglasses, I’ll assume, is a design feature.

Same reason you don’t send someone back in time to kill Hitler. An even worse replacement would come to power. (…it’s either that or it would produce a less entertaining movie)

IMDB message board on “talk to the hand”

…and here I always thought it came out of Vampire Hunter D :smiley:

I actually liked the movie quite a lot. They probably should have changed the dates, and just said that Connor did succeed in changing the future, but his actions hadn’t altered it enough. Skynet came into existence, but the future was less grim.

This owuld have made a lot of sense, too. The shape of the end of T3 makes it seem likely that Connor was never captured, put into the camps, and that the resistance was set up and ready to go from the start rather than the slow and painful accumulation.