Terms of endearment.





Sweet words when they are being whispered in your ear by a loved one. Which among us wouldn’t agree?


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in a business setting. I know you really like your “work friends”. I know how tight you are with them. But please, for the sake of all that’s descent. For those of us who don’t need to get up one another’s crotches to communicate effectively and get things done. Would you please knock off that tooth rotting, sugary sweet, irritatingly fake little habit you’ve picked up?!! It may be appropriate in a whore house but not here.

Aww, what’s the matter Punkin, coffee too bitter this morning?

Seriously, I know where you’re coming from, although I daresay it’s not a phenomenon limited to “trailer park white trash.”

[nitpick Conniving has two “n”'s I believe. ]

But overall, a hearty 10 to the rant sweetie.

Sounds like somebody needs a hug.

So is Boo Boo Kitty Fuck okay?

Sounds, in fact, like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.

The older I get, the happier I am that women that I hardly know address me with words like that – just to be nice to me, not for any ulterior motive.

If the worst name that QuickSilver has been given is “Babe”, I’ll broaden his life experience:



E tu, dopers?

Hell Yeah!

You tell 'em, Sgt. Harddick!

Don’t take any shit off your cow-workers.


We have a woman here at our office that refers to everyone as “sweetie”. Problem is, no one can stand to be around her and she back stabs the crap out of you. So you can imagine how much hostility is created by the bitch.

Pet names belong to loved ones or very close friends, not in for people you work with.

Well, it beats “Hey you!” even if it is annoyingly fake.

Maybe she says these things because she wants to go down on you.

My standard name holders are “hon” or “buddy”. I can see how one might assume that this is an artificial and manipulative habit designed to engender good will. The truth, however, is that I simply can’t be bothered to learn your name, and you’re lucky I deigned to speak to you at all…
Okay, hon?

Is everything okay my little brown starfish?

Well, we’ve got someone who calls everyone “Luv.”

But she’s from London, so it’s kind of cute, in the Monty-Python-Old-Women-Hello-Mrs Premise-Hello-Mrs Conclusion kind of way.

It’s fucking well not okay… I just said it wasn’t.


Cloth eared bint.

Now you’re getting it.

Well, there ya go. Next time you talk to her;
“Hi Sweetie.”
“Hi Bitch.”
and just keep walking. Oh yeah, deny you ever said it.

“What? No, I called you Trish. You’re name’s not Trish? I am SO sorry… bitch.”

Honey, sweetie, sugah, dahlin’. Try working in an office full of southern women QuickSilver. You’d be eatin’ prozac by the handful. :smiley: