Terr: an asshole again. No surprise.

In this post in the thread over A&E, and in earlier posts in the same thread, such as the one where he imitates hyena-throated laughter, Terr gives away the right wing’s true colors: purest hatred. This nasty, jeering, taunting, triumphalism is about as evil as the SDMB ever gets. The American right wing rejoices in harm, hurt, misery, and degradation of others.

Terr is far from the lowest of crawling shits… But he does a damn fine job of scrambling downward into the earthworm-dampened soil beneath the outhouse.

Imagine, for a moment, that Global Warming gets out of hand, and the state of Arizona is depopulated. Now, imagine that lefties went, “Hahahahahaha! How’s that denial working for you? That’s one fewer red state! Hahahahaha!”

Unlikely. But for the righties, that’s how the game is played. They partake of joy when others are harmed.

Terr is basically purely worthless as a person. He gets off on oppressing others, and constantly posts false information. You can even see how he deliberately misquotes somebody twice in that thread.

Example of how he posts knowing falsehoods: Once in GQ he claimed, with no sense of irony, that a company who released an online game that had servers that didn’t work on the first day would go out of business guaranteed. When I posted about a dozen examples off the top of my head (and better yet, the new pokemon just did that this week) he didn’t respond, because what’s truth? Not something he needs!

To be fair, there are plenty on the right who are no fans of Terr and would agree with your title. No need to weaken the pitting by including some that don’t actually deserve your scorn.

DMC: Okay, fair enough. I know that the honorable portion of the American right wing isn’t totally extinct… But, damn, it seems harder and harder to find them any more!

So, yes, you’re right. I pit that portion of the American right that behaves the way Terr does: the noisome extreme, the voluble nasties, the worst of the Tea Party, the stinkards and haters and ratbags. Those, for instance, who take joy at the thought of millions of Americans losing health coverage or unemployment benefits.

I will still disagree (vigorously!) with hose who can say, “I’m sorry this has to happen, but I hold the view that the country can’t pay for these things,” but, yes, you’re right, I can’t really pit them in all fairness. Only the ones who say “Hahahaha.”

I have no great love for Terr and his kind, but, frankly, what he says at your link is very mild stuff that does not remotely resemble your analogy of people gloating over the state of Arizona being wiped out. The main burden of his post is that the “outrage” expressed by the left when they hear people who they already know are likely to be bigots expressing bigoted opinions is fake. Frankly, I think that is largely true. His “gloating” over the fact that these incidents have probably improved the ratings of the TV shows on which the opinions were expressed does not remotely resemble gloating about a whole state and its people being wiped out. As “nastiness” and as "rejoicing in the “harm, hurt, misery, and degradation of others” it is extremely weak sauce. Yes, we see that from the right sometimes, but this is not really an example at all, let alone an egregious one… Worse can be seen, even on this relatively decorous message board, from left and right alike, almost every day.

Terr may deserve to pitted (I have seen him say some fairly offensive stuff), but pitting him for that post is ludicrous. Was that really the post that got you so upset? If so, I think you might be well advised to seek psychiatric help. If not, how about actually linking to a post where he says something offensive.

Terr definitely is an asshole, but I like him. He’s an endearing asshole :slight_smile:

I am a loony leftist by all measure of anyone on the right and I really wish the non-loony right-wingers would be more vocal and the loony right-wingers would be less vocal.

A nice dialogue between those of opposing political views is a rare thing indeed these days.

I will go as far as to say this:

You can be a decent human being, pay your taxes, give to charity, raise foster children, support animal shelters, and just otherwise be a prized member of the community, and still oppose the normalization of gay marriage, without being a hateful fuck.

What it does require, however, is something that is on the same level of damaging to human society as being a hateful fuck, which is as follows:

  1. A real sense that you are entitled to treatment that is more equal than others, because in some way, you are “better” than they are.

  2. A high level of apathy for the suffering of others.

I don’t really believe in “evil” but I do believe in tragic self-destruction and tragic destruction of others, intentional or not, and wanting gay people to be treated like shit for its own sake and wanting gay people to be treated like shit because the Bible says so feels exactly the same to a gay person and does not mean you are free from criticism.

A person may not “hate” or “fear” gay people to treat them like crap and run roughshod over their rights.

My absolution of some on the right didn’t include the homophobes. They’re just as pus-maggoty as Terr, no matter which reason they choose to stand behind. It’s just that there are a number of conservatives who truly limit their conservatism to fiscal matters and don’t deserve to be lumped in with the type being pitted.

I realize it’s hard to forgive the homophobes. I work out a lot of frustration venting angry invective in their direction almost daily.

At the same time, I realize in my young and stupid days I was one of those guys. And a lot of my hateful venting toward them is fueled by my own being pissed at myself for ever being so fucking dumb.

They’re flawed and human too.

Basically what I say now is what I would be telling myself about 15 years ago.

I’d tell myself how much of a fucking asshole I was, and why. And since it was coming from ME, maybe I’d frigging listen.

It seems similar to the “Hahaha, gun sales are up” line of thinking.

When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

I was amused by his stubborn insistence in this thread that the GQ interview with Phil Robertson wasn’t intended to promote the show, and therefore Phil Robertson was not on the job when he was speaking.

Be nice, or he’ll threaten to pack up his butt-salve and flee the dying USA for somewhere more freedomy and libertastic. This time for realz!

Well, the shares I bought in the Smith and Wesson Holding Company have gone up, so I’m happy to profit off American paranoia, fear and misery.

+1. He is entertaining.

Well…psychiatric help is hard to find when the ACA is being undermined so vigorously by extremists on the right… And Terr laughing about it does upset me. So… Both.

Y’think so? I find him too evil to be endearing. People who gloat over others’ misfortunes just are not endearing.

Total agreement. (I don’t know you well enough to judge, but that post, anyway, is not loony!)

To be honest that’s part of the reason I’ve always found his more Catholic than the Pope attitude towards Israel so odd because Israel is about as unlibertarian as you can get.

I was one as well, but I was 18 and it was due to peer pressure and lack of knowledge more than anything else. The people I’m referring to aren’t 18 and there’s a shitload of knowledge that they have available to them that we didn’t. My 18 year old self was a pus-maggot and I can live with that because I’ve actually evolved.

Therefore, I have no issues with considering them below me.

I’ll put myself in this company: when I was young, I was a foolish anti-religious atheist. Not satisfied with simply not having religion, I was obsessed with hatred of the churches. Tried to chop down a hilltop cross once. (Failed…and doubly humiliated when I learned it was actually on private land, not public land.)

As you say, I’ve evolved. Some of us are lucky enough to acquire some measure of wisdom along with your years.