Terrence Howard: The Gene Ray of Hollywood?

This is just screwy.

“Terrence Howard’s Dangerous Mind”

Yeah, I read a news article on bbcdotcom about this. Not gonna throw my neck joints out with all the head-shaking I could do.

Momentarily confusing Clint and Terrence Howard made for some pretty odd mental imagery there…

I thought that dopers would be all over this. Instead I get one person not willing to disjoint his neck, and an abstruse remark about Clint vs Terrence mental imagery.

It’s just terribly sad. He’s a very talented actor that I have enjoyed watching in a number of projects, but he’s clearly mentally ill. Unless he gets help, this story is going to end very, very badly.

[sup]makes note for 2016 Death Pool…[/sup]

The story has already run badly. Howard has a history of violence. In my unprofessional opinion, he appears to be a sociopath; he even talks about other people not being real.

17 Hours a day assembling plastic and metal doodads to prove that 1 x 1 = 2. His wife has left him. As you say, this can’t end well.

Does he fit the definition of sociopath? For whatever my unprofessional opinion is worth, he sounds schizophrenic. (Maybe you can be both.) His thinking is certainly disordered. I compared him to Gene Ray (of timecube.com) because they both adamantly expound mathematical theories that have no connection to reality, aren’t even internally consistent, and sound like the ramblings of a schizophrenic.

Thank god he was never given access to repulsor technology.

He sounds like a tweaker.

Terence Howard is a serial abuser of women, including at least two of his wives, and at least two complete strangers, one of whom has permanent facial deformities because he sucker punched her for no good reason while she was just trying to get dinner at a diner. But his history as an unrepentant batterer has been whitewashed by Fox and Lee Daniels to prop up "Empire
and is now going to be buried under sympathy for him because he built a delusion to cover his inability to understand math. Screw Terence Howard.

He can be both a serial abuser of women and a crazy man with genuine delusions. It’s not an either-or proposition.

And AND also a tweaker.

sad to hear about his acts of violence
pretty good actor but will be harder to enjoy is roles now…

He’s a sad nutcase serial abuser of women. I can’t watch things that he’s in. (I did watch Wayward Pines but I did laugh when his character got hit by a car. ) My sister can’t figure out why I don’t like Empire. I’d probably like it if he weren’t in it

I knew very little about him. Obviously there’s a lot more to this man than his mathematical genius.

That doesn’t sound like a sociopath, it sounds like he’s psychotic, and everything else in the story supports that.

This part:

Just how did he get into any kind of engineering class thinking this?

You have to wonder if the man was ever taught the definitions of the basic arithmetic operations, although obviously his problems go beyond simple ignorance.

As I said, I’m not a psychologist. But my understanding is that psychotics are delusional; they see things that aren’t there. Sociopaths are just emotionally disconnected. So a psychotic will kill you because he thinks you’re a robot trying to steal his soul. A sociopath will be aware you’re a human being but he’ll kill you because you took the parking space he wanted.

IANAP myself, but it seems to me that sociopaths aren’t irrational - if anything, they’re *too *rational, in that they don’t let emotions get in the way of their own self-interest. In a way, sociopathy is the *opposite *of insanity.