Terriers RIP

Fox’s Terriers is gone after one season.

What a disappointment. It was a great show. I loved the weekly plots and enjoyed the season’s arc. Great acting. It didn’t use over the top action and nick of time cliche’s that happened most drama shows.

It always had a small twist or turn whenever you expected a plot theme.

I will miss it.

Figures…you can also blame me for Rubicon’s cancellation.

Sad! To think of all the shit that survives.

I knew this was coming, yet it still feels like someone punched me in the stomach. What a shame, Terriers was the best thing on TV in years.

Ditto. I paid to watch it – $1.89 per week from Amazon, and I would have paid more. I’m hoping there’ll be a DVD release, maybe a summer rerun. If we can’t have more seasons, at least more people might discover it. It was a damn fine show, in every way that matters.

Too bad it didn’t fit a formula. All the formula shows seem to do well.

I really liked Donal Logue’s portrayal of Hank, as well as the run-down seaside town feel of the show.

I never really warmed up to Britt and his woman problems.

Really bad news. My wife and I loved this show. At least the one season we did have was very good and ended well.

Damn, that’s disappointing, even more so than Rubicon’s cancellation. I kind of expected Rubicon to go - it was a pretty shaky season, even by first-season standards, and I’m not heartbroken about it. But Terriers was a great show out of the gate. I happened upon it by accident, though, and I think that was what doomed it. The marketing gave you absolutely NO idea what the show was really about, and unless you stumbled upon it, you’d probably never find out.

Never seen the show, but I’ve always wondered, what is the title in reference to? The Wikipedia article doesn’t say.

That they’re a ‘scrappy little’ detective agency. I agree that the name of the show did little to help people figure out what kind of show it was.
Time to watch the final 2 episodes with a tear in my eye:(

I asked the same question in this thread.


Count me in as someone who heard it was good but never watched it cause i thought it was about dogs.

Great news, fans. Terriers (all 13 episodes) is now available for streaming on Netflix. I’m in the middle of the pilot and just had to share the news with y’all.

Does that mean a DVD is coming? I’m signed up for it at Amazon but haven’t heard anything. (I don’t do Netflix.)

I would suspect so but don’t know it as fact. The disc version of the Netflix set is in the “save” status which usually means the discs aren’t available (from Netflix) as such. Other sources may have the DVD’s though. I’ve watched several great TV shows in streaming mode at Netflix, so it might be worth reconsidering for you.

More details on the show: http://grizzlybomb.com/2011/12/03/terriers-comes-to-netflix-instant/

Thanks, Zeldar. The episodes are all available to me (I watched via Amazon) but I want something shareable. AFAIK, I can’t share the Amazon episodes, or copy them tp a disk. I hate watching TV on the PC, but my cable company doesn’t carry FX, so Amazon is how I watched Terriers and Justified.

It pissed me off when Terriers was cancelled. I want a dvd too.

Wife and I just finished watching this on Netflix. What a great show, what a pity it slipped away and was never allowed to reach its full potential.