Terriffic. Now I have to feel guilty about chocolate too.

I was recently googling “chocolate” and “slave” (don’t ask) only to discover that now we have to make sure our chocolate and cocoa don’t come from slave* cultivated cocoa. Just in time for Halloween too. :mad:

*in the sense of abusive child labor from minors, whose parents often sold their labor and/or custody of them.

This is why I only eat white chocolate.

Heck, I go out of my way to eat whale blubber covered in chocolate-dipped conflict diamonds off ivory plates.
Fuck you, morality!

I laughed.

27 views, one chuckle. I’ll take that.

Oh. Was that a joke? White chocolate doesn’t have cocoa so it’s not really chocolate and therefore isn’t involved with this. That’s what I thought you meant. I didn’t realize that you were trying to make a joke.

Burst my other bubbles too, why don’t you? :mad:

I outsource all my bubble-bursting to 5-year-old Chinese amputees.

But what do they burst the bubbles with?

It has cocoa butter.

Unless it’s the real shitty white chocolate.

Slave cultivated cocoa beans.

You can look at it this way: whether or not you personally eat that chocolate or not, those slaves are still going to be picking the cocoa, and if not they’ll be doing something else equally crappy.

So you might as well enjoy the chocolate, nothing you can do about it.

I suddenly have a huge urge for that Chia…something chocolate. You know, the one with the caramel in the middle.

Tip: do not eat any chocolate that has green hair growing on it.

Fixed it for you.

Sure there is. You buy fair trade goods. If enough people buy fair trade then companies will have to cater to their consumer’s wishes. Fair trade is a growing market here (or it was till the credit crunch struck), so saying there’s nothing you can do is just plain wrong.

If you lick said chocolate off your lover, it will do wonders to assuage your guilt.

Oops, sorry. . .not my intention.

Ah, interesting. Thanks for pointing this out.

I can’t eat chocolate because it gives me a migraine. But I think I can eat white chocolate without a problem. I thought it was the lack of cocoa that made the difference and maybe I was indeed eating the inferior stuff. But I think there may be another compound in dark chocolate that makes the difference as well.

But this confirms what you were saying:

:smiley: This I like.
To the OP: I try not to be a spelling nazi, but that spelling in the title is grating like nails on a chalkboard. Too late to change it now, but please consider spell check next time. Thanks.

Oh, and as to the OP, I do my part in cutting down on chocolate consumption because I can’t eat it anyway, so yay, one less thing to feel guilty about.

Alternatively, you can lick said chocolate off someone else’s lover and experience a different kind of guilt.

Ah, the free market at work. Slavery’s OK, if it makes someone, somewhere a profit.

I’ve had people on this board ask “Why do you think that people who disagree with you are evil ?” Well, supporting slavery is one reason why.

I’d just assumed it was some character flaw on your part, actually.