Terror threat / Hajj ... timing real, or imagined?

The news reports I’ve seen haven’t been clear: Did the US Govt. receive specific information stating that a terror attack was planned around the time of the Hajj, or did they just hear that a terror attack was being planned in general, and assumed that Hajj would be a good time to worry about?

(Just curious b/c we persist in worrying about attacks linked to important dates/events, when the timing of all past attacks–WTC, Cole, Bali, Kenya, etc.–appear to have no significance whatsoever.)

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**…assumed that Hajj would be a good time to worry about?

Not an expert here but my two cents worth says coincidence.

Hajj is actually a time of cease fire. Tribal disputes were to be set aside duing this time of pilgrimage and safe passage granted.

ABC News (USA) reported tonight that part of the reasoning to raise the nationwide threat level last week to HIGH was based on a lie. Apparently a re-evaluation and lie detector test of the source found he was lying. The government decided not to change the threat level back, even though there is other “evidence” justifying the HIGH threat level.