Terrorist scum, FUCK OFF!

Yes, on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I’m Pitting all terrorists, past and present.

I don’t just mean Arabic extremists pretending to be Muslim, either. I mean ALL terrorism. This includes KKK, neo-Nazi, alt-right crap done by sexually frustrated incels, antifa crap, all the rest of it.

If you think it’s acceptable to terrorize innocent people because of your politics, religion, or whatever…FUCK OFF AND DIE.

If your God says to kill people because they believe differently from you, EAT SHIT.

If you’re using your God as an excuse to be a narrow-minded bigoted asshole, YOU SUCK.

Learn to be more tolerant. I can be tolerant even of things I consider to be sick and twisted. So can you. Remember, you can never tell when you’re the one being tolerated.

Bold stance.

There’re levels to this shit.

Terrorism is bad, mmmkay?

Perhaps the OP would care to share his opinion on kicking puppies.
I, for one, am against it.

Not even, like, 1 tiny wafer thin terrorism?

Well… If it’s just a tiny, wafer thin…


-How are you feeling?

-better. Better get a bucket.

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Huh. Quelle surprise.

Is this a Royle Family reference?

Nana: “A vegetarian? That’s a shame. Could she have some wafer-thin ham, Barbara?”

You have such a way with words. :wink:


Thinking Mister Creosote, aka Monty Python.

I might be wrong though.

Anyway, keep fighting the good fight OP.


You told us in this thread that you think trans women are not real women. And that you are worried that you might inadvertently have sex with a trans woman who didn’t identify herself to you according to her chromosomes, because you equate that to rape.

So this new thread is confusing, now you’re against narrow-minded bigoted assholery?

But, what if the puppy is a terrorist?

CMC fnord!

De-clawing cats - yes or no?

Then you got to fireboard that mamajamma.

Is the puppy robotic in any way?

Yes, de-clawing cats is terrorism.

Followed by waterboarding? (I never get the order right!)

CMC fnord!