Test Driving a Nissan Leaf on Friday

They are coming to town and I can drive it for an hour. Anybody else drive a full electric car? I will let you know how it goes.

Nope, but I look forward to hearing about it.

I’m sure it will be quiet. :slight_smile:

I met the founder of Wheego, and he let me take one of their cars for a spin. You can set a governor on it, and I believe he had his set to 35. It accelerated very quickly, and was dead silent. Also, be prepared for an accelerator pedal that has almost no resistance.

For the record, he said the Leaf was a badass car. I think they expect to sell Wheego to Nissan for the federal tax credits in a few years, to be honest.

It was a very nice car but my drive was only about 10 minutes. The acceleration is OK for that type of car. It’s a little bigger than a Sentra or Civic. The range is 70 to 130 miles depending on how fast you drive and if you use the heat or AC. They have sold out all 20,000 for this year, they will come out in the fall. $2000 for the fast home charging station which takes 8 hours for a full charge. A normal 120 volt circuit takes 20 hours for a full charge. There are also fast chargers at some places that can charge it 80% in about an hour.

I meant to add the car is so quiet they added artificial noise so people can hear the car coming.