Test posts here please for July 2001

Welcome to the test post laboratory.

That faint pleasant aroma of chemicals ensures safe and trouble-free test posting, while the expansive picture windows give you a lovely view of the meadow, up towards the foothills. Just find a seat at the stainless steel bench and test away - sigs, codes, whatever.

We can’t provide advice here, just space for testing, and reading others’ tests, if that sort of thing interests you. If you need advice just post in ATMB as usual, and trust to the kindness of strangers.

Feel free to help yourself to a hot drink (Brazilian Hot Chocolate is this month’s specialty) or a soda, and cookies (Macadamia or Hazelnut) form the kitchenette.

Good luck.

And Why? Tidiness, that’s why.


When did you assume control of this forum?

I gave it to him.

As Supreme Rebel, I am the de facto ruler of the board, and Redboss is one of the good ones.

You may pay homage to either him or me. Your choice. (I note that there are supernatural beings called “Mods” and “Admins” who have even more power than I do. They may be appeased with Chocolate or, occasionally Beer.)


Look no further for your test dummies.

All hail Fenris!

Testing, Testing, 1…2…3…

What happens if I push this red button…?

I love being a lab rat. Testing, testing …

None of you are taking me seriously! Look, it’s Redboss, right? Because I’m bossy, okay?


I give uh - suggestions, and you obey them, right? Otherwise it just doesnt work.

We’re not being very cooperative, are we? And as I think about it, I guess the chances of cooperation are looking lower and lower every minute. Oh well.

I do understand that this forum has existed for years without me tidying all test posts into a single. Sure. But
[whiny teenager voice] I was only trying to help! [/whiny teenager voice].

Fine. Do without me. See if I care. You’ll be sorry. But you know, deep down you really do know you’d all be happier if you’d just [Cartman]respect mah authoritah![/Cartman]


PS Thank you to the Admirable Rebel Fenris. I’m happy to send you a hail or two, anytime mate!

Redboss - you have an unnatural obsession with other people’s test posts.

But I guess you already know that.