Test thread. I need about a dozen people to post in it

Trying something. Do not post if you hate getting notifications.

I am not a robot.
(or am I?)

Duly posting. Carry on.

I, for one, will not play your little game.

@Procrustus no, you’re an ancient Greek robber.

You aint the boss of me!

Is there anybody out there?

Goodbye Chenga


No one ever said I couldn’t post multiple times.

I won’t be posting in this thread. My apologies.

Ok or not

I’ll join you in not posting.

Good point.

I am a people.

Did I win?

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog robot.

Okay, here goes nothing…


If y’all’d kindly post whether or not you got an @ notification, that’d be a help. Thanks, everybody!

Ahhhh, I think I see what you up to.

I got a pop up if that’s what your’re asking about.