"TEST" thread


What happens if you try to underscore “gy”?


Wait – there is no underscore setting option in the text entry window. Only Bold and Italic. Never mind.

Put a “u” in square brackets before the word


Does anyone know how to do a strike through? [del] used to work

For this, you have to fall back on HTML tags.

<s>struck through</s>

struck through

Goddamnit I hate getting old
Oh, that’s right, I remember

guy gy

Underlines y but not g


I want to play, too Cool.

\color{red}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{blue}{\text{thanks FCM}}

\color{rainbow}{\text{this is a test}}
Rainbow? No.

\color{green}{\text{This seems overly complicated.}}

Am I a hard-core lefty, like I tell people?

Hmm. Does that link to the thread. Like if i put that in my thread, does it show up like that? I’ve seen other threads that link to other threads that look different.

\colorbox{BurntOrange}{Fun fun fun}

\color{blue}\colorbox{BurntOrange}{Even better}

\color{pink}\colorbox{Purple}{ color me impressed}

Clever, using the mathjax plugin to do font colors. Too bad it also insists on displaying their version of Computer Modern font instead of whatever’s native for the browser, which is a bit jarring.

Too bad we never got the bbcode plugin.

Another test picture post.

Google Photos

Google Photos