TEST YOURSELF How panic-proof are you?

I ran across this tonight and thought it seemed rather timely. PBS presents:

panic-proof test

Your score is : 79.8
A score of less than 50 means you’re likely to panic in an emergency. You’re not very likely to panic if your score is between 50 and 70. If it’s between 70 and 90, you’re panic-resistant. Above 90, you’re as close to being panic-proof as a human can be. Men should score a trifle higher than women.

I don’t know if it was just my computer or what, but it wouldn’t calculate my score on netscape, but when I switched to IE it worked just fine.


55.4. PBS is so cool. I don’t really understand how a bunch of radio buttons correlate to panic, though.

68.9. Yeah, that was really neat, but I’m confused as to how some of that stuff pertains to panic too.

MIne was 106. Wierd, most of the questions weren’t really about panicking.

If i didn’t have Generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks i might be proud of that score.

i usually don’t panic during emergencies though, i just panic due to bad past experiences. I’ve been in several minor emergencies, and i was calm.

My eyes are going crazy from all those dots… :eek: (the most appropriate smilie I could find)
My score: 82.8
Read it and weep, ya’ll, the redneck’s kickin’ some butt :smiley:

I wanted to try this, but I don’t think my co-workers would appreciate me keeping a ringing alarm clock on my desk. They were already looking at me funny when I did the word-count.


Bow down before me little ones for I am the master.


I just hope I don’t see dots when I go to sleep!


My reactions to a few of the near accidents that I’ve had seems to agree with their assessment.

Now if they had an unknown attractive woman trying to talk to me while I was taking the test I would fail miserably. They make me nervous.

Darn, SandyHook, I was really puffing up with my score until I saw you got the same as I did. :frowning:

Still, let’s say you and I set off a bunch of fireworks while the phone and doorbell rings and killer bees swarm outside the window. Then we can watch everyone else run around like chickens with their heads cut off :slight_smile:

Heh, panic-proof. I like the sound of that. Appropriate, since I’m planning to go see Daredevil this friday.

Oooh, wait, I misread your score! I got 115.5. Bow before my .3 panic-proof-i-ness. :wink:


It’s official: I’m a jellybaby. Oh, well … :slight_smile:


Though in all honesty, I didn’t have an alarm clock handy so I did that part in silence.

sciguy frantically scribbled:

Yeah, sure, you’re gloating now but when you thought we were tied, what then? I, on the other hand, met the news with unflinching readiness for whatever was to come.

I think that rates a .4 point bonus.


124.9. Looking at the answers, I did much worse than I thought.

It’s funny, I don’t get annoyed easily at all. But I do get very nervous in front of crowds; if that had been a question in part I, I would have done worse. Panic is also (no joke) my favorite emotion, so I spend a lot of time thinking about it.

I scored 55.4. Looks like I am among the more panic-stricken here.

Well clearly I screwed up somewhere. As best as I can calculate, the theoretical highest score possible is 117.2. :confused:

34.3. Do I win?