Shouldn't I be panicking right about now? (long-ish)

So here it is. I have 25 days before I’m on my way to Lincoln University. I have pots, pans, woks (yes, woks!), towels, plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons, clothes, music all lining my bedroom floor waiting to be put in the cardboard boxes outside my room as we speak. I’ve got my A-level results, which are fine, and I’m in the process of opening a student account which has been a little problematic…
So why am I not panicking right now?

Seriously, I just don’t get it. I’m the kind of guy who could psychosomatically induce major illness because whenever major events have happened in my life before I can become a nervous wreck. But now it’s like I’ve transcended beyond worry…or I’ve reached a point where I just don’t care anymore. I went to my college to pick up my results and there were people sobbing their hearts out because they didn’t get perfect grades. I came out with the worst grades I have ever had and didn’t batter an eyelid. I have always been a mummy’s boy, a total introvert so that I only have two real friends to date and yet even with the prospect of overwhelming social contact approaching I am just not really bothered.
That’s about it.

Congratulations, nocturnal_tick, and all the best for what’s to come! :slight_smile:
Well, don’t try to talk yourself into a panic, for goodness’ sake. Save that for exams. Or getting lost on campus! (I’m not familiar with Lincoln Univ. and its size).

Tell you what, you sound a great deal more organised re. cooking equipment and so on than I was.

“Overwhelming social contact”? I think you will be able to have jsut as much, or as little, social contact as you wish (although the fisrt week or so might involve rather a lot of social opportunities, deliberatley so, jsut to helpp ppeople get familiarised with the whole setup.)

But in general, I’d bet you can be a hermit or a party animal, or fit in wherever you want in between.

Very best wishes!

You don’t need to panic. Lincoln is great! See ya there!

Thankyou very much. :slight_smile:

If only it was that easy. One of my greatest concerns is not knowing anyone there but, it being a small world after all, not only do I know you Gemma but there’s a local girl who’s actually doing the same course. All I have to do is meet her beforehand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I settle myself in I know I’ll be alright. It’s just the whole making friends and getting to know people I can’t do. I missed that class in school. :smiley:

nocturnal_tick Congratulations! and welcome to adulthood. You’'ll get the handbook very soon.
The meetings are mandatory, so remember what day of the week your group meets. I’m sure that part of the packet has arrived. If not, It should come before your first meeting. If it doesn’t, well… you’ll figure it out.
Remember, the kids don’t know about how organized and informed we really are, so don’t tell them.

(psych!) :slight_smile:

Sorry, no handbook, but the up side is no meetings either!
On a more serious note, you very likely don’t feel anxious because you have a plan. The unknown future is held off for a little while longer.
Good luck, and let us know how its going, once you get settled.

When you eventually do start to panic, remember that you DO have a plan, and you’re going to a place with many other students who are in the exact same situation you are.

You’ll be amazed how fast you meet people, especially when you’re out of your element. Join a club or a sport.