Testes, testes, 123...

This is a test. Did my PayPal payment go through?

Why, yes! It did!

Isn’t that one too many?

It’s actually about 121 too many.

But who’s counting?

I think this belongs in the “Nasty playground games” thread.

No, it didn’t . Please e-mail me your credit card number and social security number

for verification. :smiley:

The average male has less than two testicles…

I’ve just googled this and you are correct.

The average is 1.7298473 per male. How do the contents of your scrotum compare?

Er, if you are of the male gender, that is.

I have 42.1% fewer testicles than the average male.

I need a calculator. I’ll be back.

You have 1.0015816 testicles. But I’m prepared to be wrong.

If anyone wants to know how many I possess, they’ll have to do a lot of searching.

It’s a very large testicle.

Yours or mine?

Mine. Yours, I only know by reputation.

Since you can’t provide a cite for your so-called large testicle (I hope) please go away and weigh it.

The average is 10-15gm but I’d like your answer in avoirdupois.

I flunked foreign languages, sorry.

Well calculate the volume then.

Squeeze it a bit until it resembles a sphere then use the formula (4/3) x pi x (radius cubed).

You don’t have testicles, do you…

I’m a singular guy.