Testicle size and courage/bravery

This is a poll for heterosexual ladies and gay men who have had their fair share of male sexual partners.

Have you noticed any correlation between the testicle size and the courage/bravery that the various men in your lives have had?

It would be good to see if there is any empirical evidence for common sayings like “It takes big balls to do something like that”

D’Oh! I voted before I read the OP. Sincere apologies! I’m neither female or a gay man…

ETA: if it’s possible, you can remove my vote of “other”.

I’ve only known one guy with ginormous balls and he was a loud mouth who couldn’t back up what he yelled. That’s a pretty small sample size to draw a conclusion, but there you have it.

I thought bravery was related to the metallic content of the testes.

I thought we’d get more anecdotes in this thread. In any case, the vast majority has voted for “no correlation”, which is interesting, though not surprising. What is surprising is that the “big balls” saying got started and became established even though there is no correlation.

I don’t think it’s surprising. The saying is metaphorical. Being brave is associated through history with being a man, being a man is associated with having balls (duh!), so the braver you are, the more manly you are therefore you must have bigger balls.

One of my Aunts once informed me I must have big balls. I’d flown a small aircraft in very crap weather to the town she lived in and rung to be picked up from the airport. She answered the phone and said, “you must have big balls!”, I said, “Huh, why?”, and she replied, “I asked Jon if he thought you be getting in today and he said, it depends on how big his balls are.” (She was cute and only an Aunt as far being my Uncle’s partner, so I was quite pleased to be told this by her.)

Given the above anecdote I wonder if having bigger balls means being more stupid rather than brave, or are they the same thing? ;).

I can’t honestly say that I know much about the testicle size of my male friends.