Testing Quote Function

Now one of these has to be the quote function. Remember that I want to do it manually.

<Testing one, two, three.>

‘Testing one, two, three.’

<‘Testing one, two, three.’>

Any help? :slight_smile:

Type what you want presented as a quote then select the part to be shown as a quote and click the " symbol on the toolbar.

Or at the beginning of a line type the > sign then type the quote.

This is a quote.

Or click the " and replace the word Blockquote with a quote.


To quote someone else, select the part of their message you want to quote and
click the floating Quote" button when it pops up.

Testing one, two, three.

So how do you end a quote then (or did I just answer my own question)?

EDIT: Okay!

Just testing something on my phone

Jusst noticed that open- and end- quotation marks appear different in text, even though the same key on the keyboard. How does it know?

Does it count "one and then "two?

Or does it decide based on whether the Space is to the "right or "left of it?

What if the QMs are in “different sentences? Like” this.

And, why can’t it do the same with parentheses?

OK- It only makes a pair of curved QMs if they they meet the criteria of both l/r space positions, and ignores sentence ending. If confused or amgiguous, it makes double vertical slashes.

Then I “quote”
So pressing the same key three times can yiele 3 different results. “These two” anf "this one.

What if I put one "here and forget to close it, and start a new paragraph.

And “then quote” again?

testing links. en.wikipedia.org

testing. www.duckduckgo.com