Tex Murphy is returning!! (Kickstarter)

They’ve set up a Kickstarter to allow pledges. I know some of you have played and enjoyed the games before, and know how they left the series on a cliffhanger. Well, I’ve been waiting for over a decade for them to follow up to the last game, so as you can probably guess, I’m extremely excited (enough to come out of lurkdom and post!)

For those of you who haven’t played the games, they’re available at GOG.com for pretty cheap. They’re touted as FMV games, but primarily they’re first person adventure games with great voiceovers by the main character, with FMV scenes for the character interactions and various cutscenes. The first person perspective really is tantamount to helping you feel like you’re a detective, as you have to actually maneuver around a room, look in drawers, duck under desks, etc. to find clues.

I am super excited about this. I plan to give them as much as I can as soon as I have money to give. I loved this series! Mean Streets was among the first games I ever played. They really pushed the envelope when it came to tech, they just also picked the wrong horse – sort of – when it came to the direction games were going to go. I was one of those who voted against CGI back in the day because I was sure it would always have the uncanny valley problem… I’m not so sure now, but it does look like they’re going to go for FMV.

At the very least I’ll fund them enough to get a copy of the game. :slight_smile:

Adored the Pandora Directive and Under a Killing Moon.

Never played the third CD/DVD one, which I believe was the first video game offered on DVD, though the video format was odd.

…yeah: one of my first games too!!!

This will bring back memories:


Hmm… I tried Mean Streets a long time ago, but was put off by the flight sim portion. Does that part get any better? And have any of you played the Martian Memorandum, and how was that?

Sorry to bump, but just wanted to let those who might be interested that the project was successfully funded, so hopefully we’ll have a new Tex game in a year or so! I’m eager to see what it will look like with modern technology and a better interface, and to finally get a resolution to that cliffhanger all those years ago.