Texas Chainsaw Massacree

Cecil nd Ed, I appreciate how you have revived this topic. In the past I was unsuccessful in my attempts to buy screenplay rights to Chainsawvictum’s telling of the TRUE story, which had NOTHING to do with Ed Gein, so I don’t have to compete with the estate of Robert Bloch, or Ed, for that matter. And now that the Dope is free, I expect him to return as a Guest. So…

Chainsawvictum, this is my FINAL final offer: Three cats-eye marbles, a piece of string, a dead bird. a pint of Mad Dog, a case of Sudafed, the location of a poorly-guarded tank of anhydrous ammonia, AND a case of Billy Beer. Deal now or I’ll assume you can’t remember the name of your lawyer, who I assume would recommend that you jump at the offer. I have show-biz connections and I can make your story resound across the land. No longer will you be the deadbeat at Joe’s Bar! You will be a HERO and tourists from all over the world will compete to buy you drinks so they can write the sequel. Which they can’t because I would own those rights, too.

That . . . that was beautiful. I hope that kid’s older brother knows how lucky he is, to have a sibling who takes every campfire tale and ghost story he pulls out his ass as gospel truth.

Since this has been revived, I’m gonna ask- am I the only one who for some reason linke the Dean Corll killings to TCM? I know they more resemble John Wayne Gacy’s murders, but the timing & location just seem too coincidental.

Btw, I was 11 at the time (1973) & into True Crime stuff, which my parents were OK with, but even they drew the line when I was clipping newspapaer stories about the Corll murders.

FriarTed said:

I had to check Wikipedia to know what you meant. Other than the timing and location (i.e. Texas), what connects the killings? What similarity is there?

I think you’re the only one.