the real story of the texas chainsaw massacer, and cecil can u read this and comment on it

i know how u said it wasent real n it was based on ed gein. but thats not true it was acutally REAL! n if u go 2 texas people swear by the story! n if u belive the guy who made the movie that he got the idea from a hardware store then thats just crazy. n my freind and his grandfather went to texas and talked to the sheriff who worked the case n yes he said it was real n they neva caught them. n there was a mom&pops resterunt the sold human meat in their chili n bbq. they coverd it up so the mass public didnt find out. and if u say there were 2 many people involed to cover it up then u neva heard of payin people off. the sheriff said the fbi came into town n payed everybody off not to say anythin. n if u ask y did he talk if they payed him off, its cause he wants people 2 know the true story, n he said if u belive the ed gein thing then u have no brains. (his words not myn. im not judgin u) but yes there still loose and leatherface is real. hes gotta be dead or real old by now. so belive me that when people say its not true then they DONT know the TRUE facts. idk all the facts either just the the sheriff is still woried that the family might be back one day, cause they did have inbread children. o and the only movie that was semi-real was the first one. and yes leatherface did use a chainsaw.and i read somewhere that they had 60+ victims. and they neva found out there names or anything. thats y they didnt catch them. so cecil thats the truth.

                                                          p.s not yellin at or judgin anybody just tryin to get the truth out ya know. our goverment r a bunch of liers and they have to much control over this country. in the constoshion (i know im not that good of a speller) it says the people are supposed to have control not the goverment. but people just do as their told and dnt stand up for theirselfs. sorry got of topic it just sickins me that people listen to this goverment nd let them make the laws when our fourfathers made this country so the people would be in control n not the goverment. but as i said eariler the u.s.a population r stupid n dnt know that we the people have the power not the goverment. o n did u know that we can march to the white house n kick the president n all the goverment workers out n destroy the laws that they made nd replace them with who we see fit. n sorry again for gettin off topic just have alot on my mind i want people to know.

Hi, Big D Ron. Welcome to the Dope. When commenting on one of Cecil’s columns, it’s customary to give a link to the column so that other members can refer to it easily. Is this the column you are referring to?

Was The Texas Chain Saw Massacre based on a true story?

Your underlying grammaticality betrays you, bub.

Sometimes, usually just after school gets out, I really appreciate the average doper’s skill as a word-jockey.

Big D Ron writes:

> o n did u know that we can march to the white house n kick the president n all
> the goverment workers out n destroy the laws that they made nd replace them
> with who we see fit.

Why don’t you do that right now, Big D Ron? We can hold a Dopefest in D.C. later that day where you tell us about how successful that was. We can hold it somewhere with a TV that will be showing the press conference that the (now ex-)president holds in which he tells the nation why he was so impressed by you showing up at the White House that he immediately resigned. Well, not quite immediately, since first he fired all federal workers and cancelled all federal laws made up to that point. At the Dopefest, you can tell us about how you immediately hired replacements for all those workers and created a completely new set of laws.

The only language I can read is English, and this ain’t even close, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

I told you on Monday beware the FBI,
Big D Ron run run Big D Ron run.

He says he’s an example of the complete breakdown of the American educational system and do you want fries with that?

This is the only part of the OP that makes any sense.

He said that the FBI paid people off to keep quiet about some mass murderers who were known to this sheriff and vast numbers of other people and yet were able to escape justice and all media scrutiny. Also, we are led to believe that his friend is a more reliable source than the FBI.

And that’s why we must overthrow the government.

I dnt tk goverment shud mk laws either. And i only have 1 father. At lst im not stupid tho.

Failure, for using capitalization. Please try again.

Ah, now it all becomes clear.

Please, super-size me.

Big D Ron, meet Chainsawvictum.

Thank you, I thought I was experiencing deja vu.

I thought it may have been a repost but I realized that Chainsawvictum has better grammar and spelling and is slightly more coherent.:rolleyes:

I, for one, very much appreciate Big Ron D having the courage to get the true facts out for all to see. Perhaps next, he can explain what REALLY happened on 9/11, or at Roswell, or who shot JFK, or why the income tax is voluntary, or gold fringe on courtroom flags invalidating judgments…

…and did Stanley Kubrick direct the faked moon-landing footage?

I thought this was a message board that was suppose to be free of ingorance. You people have shown me that when someone tries to even speak their mind, you have to put me down because of my spelling and grammer then to even comment on the facts of what I was talking about. I guess that is what Americans are coming to nowadays, just because I was talking in text message form in the post people think I was on dope or something. How are you going to sit there and post about my grammer, but nothing on the facts that were coming from my mouth. Out of everyone on the post board, I didn’t read one that was trying to talk about the facts only on my grammer. If you can’t say anything about the topic on hand why are you even on the message board. It must be scary thinking about what could actually be true but no one wants to say anything about it. One more thing, I know people didn’t repsone to anything about the FBI or the goverment but I have somehting else to say about that. You’re going to trust the goverment and FBI after all the stuff that they tried to cover up and keep away from the people.

If your posts read as if written by a semi-literate conspiracy theorist, nobody here is going to take you seriously.

As for your “facts” around here we prefer citations to reputable sources…not half remembered hearsay from your friend’s grandfather. So far, you’ve produced nothing worthy of serious consideration. Got facts? Cite your sources so we can see them for ourselves.

  1. We couldn’t understand what you said due to your writing style. It made no sense, not only because of the text-speak, but also because it flowed in a stream of consciousness style. Most people didn’t attempt to read past the first few…chunks. Your writing detracts from your point.

  2. You don’t back up what you say with anything beyond “n my freind and his grandfather went to texas and talked to the sheriff”, which is a working definition of an urban legend, or friend-of-a-friend story. This is followed by “n if u ask y did he talk if they payed him off, its cause he wants people 2 know the true story”, which suggests that the Sheriff is not only purchasable, but also a bad bargain. Why would we believe someone who can’t be trusted to stay paid off?

  3. It’s ‘grammar’. I only mention it because you used it a bunch in your last post.

  4. We’re not all Americans.

  5. Welcome to the dope. I mean that in all sincerity, and I hope you find a place here. I should warn you though, that it’s a hive of grammar Nazis and pedants, with a seething core of logical thinkers. I’m sorry that your first thread was a rough go. We’re not all total assholes, there are some nice people here, and if you give the grammar and punctuation thing a try most of us won’t give you a tough time about honest mistakes.