Texas Federal Prisoner gets 40% of vote in WV Dem Primary


Yep…Obama is so unpopular in WV that he only wins 60-40 against a man currently in federal prison. We can blame coal, guns, or racism, but to have 4 in 10 of YOUR OWN PARTY vote against an incumbent President against a non-serious contender is crazy.

Judd actually beat Obama in 7 counties (mostly in the coal fields).

Fixed link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2141657/Texas-INMATE-gets-40-cent-votes-Obama-West-Virginia-primary.html

Final Tally: Obama 105,854, 59%. Judd 72,544, 41%.

Conservative prisoner somehow gets on ballot in WV, gets 70,000 other conservatives to vote for him by pretending to be Democrats or other non-Republican party members. Hilarity ensues!

Oh, you didn’t actually think it was legitimate Democrats voting for him, did you?


Oh, you did. How… cute.

Given how racist, ignorant and backward this state can be? I’m pretty pleased with those numbers for Obama.

So you’re telling me that West Virginia Democrats are conservative? And a little bit crazy/stupid?

Next you’ll be telling me that North Carolinians hate gay marriage.

You truly are a font of wisdom in this forum.

Not throw too much water on your story, but here’s the final GOP tally:

Romney received 72,818 votes;
Rick Santorum received 12,667;
Ron Paul got 11,642;
Newt Gingrich attracted 6,581;
and Buddy Roemer earned 1,071.

So maybe your headline should be “Obama gets more votes in West Virginia than Romney!”? Hell, if you add them up you’ll see that Obama got more votes than the GOP candidates combined… you don’t see anything odd about that?

Touche. :slight_smile: I wonder how many Dems knew that Judd was a prisoner and didn’t vote for him only for that reason? A few more percent? It might have been a tight race had he just been some regular crank from Texas instead of a prisoner…

My god, get a clue. People crossed party lines to fuck up the vote. Both sides pull this shit all the time.

I don’t think you get it yet…

The people voting for Judd were not Democrats, at least in the “vote for Democrats in national elections sense”. They were “register as Democrats but always vote GOP” Democrats. WV (and many other states) have a lot of them.

All you need to do to see that is realize that in a non-competitive primary Obama got more votes than all of the GOP candidates did in an ostensibly competitive one.

It’s called a primary. Since Dems outnumbered Republicans about 2 to 1 in WV, this shouldn’t be a shocking statistic. The fact that a convict got 41% against a sitting President in his own primary is pretty shocking.

No it’s not no matter how many times you repeat it.

The headline should be: Romney beats felon by 264 votes, loses to Obama by 33,036.

I don’t think you get it. These voters in the Southern coal fields have been voting for Democrats since 1928. These people voted for Mondale and Dukakis and McGovern. They also vote for a federal prisoner instead of Obama…

They didn’t vote for Obama in 2008. The state went to McCain.


No, it’s not.

Hell, let’s put it this way - as many people voted for a convicted felon from Texas than voted for Mitt Romney. Should he be concerned? No. For the same reason Obama doesn’t give two shits about this vote. West Virgina is safe GOP territory no matter how many “Democrats” it has.

On Preview: Dukakis was almost 25 years ago. The world has changed.

I’d just about guarantee that 95% of the voters didn’t know who the hell Judd was. West Virginia is not renowned for its informed electorate.

It’s a pretty crazy story. It’s also true that West Virginia has gone Republican in the last three general elections and it’ll probably do it again this year, so I’m thinking this is not going to cost Obama sleep.

Oh, and I suppose I should go into this - West Virginia is not just the Southern Coal Fields. I’m **from **the Southern Coal Fields, originally. We did not make up the majority of the population, nor do we cover the majority of the territory.

West Virginia has always been a socially conservative state. The only thing that spares it a typical ‘Southern State’ voting pattern is that in addition to the social conservative streak, it is a very pro-union state. The Southern Coal Fields went for John Kerry in '04 on this basis.

West Virginia as a whole is, for the purposes of Presidential elections, a reliably red state so long as the ‘Culture War’ crap is going on. But if Republicans continue their anti-union efforts, maybe it’ll swing back the other way.

Have we already forgotten the 2008 primary? Obama got crushed by Hillary in West Virginia. It isn’t much of an indicator - they hated him there at the height of his popularity.

Joke about comparing Hillary Clinton to a federal prisoner goes here: ___________________________________.