Texas Holdem Rule ??

When playing Texas Holdem: Imagine that all 5 communal cards are shown and it is time for each better to have one last chance to check, bet, or fold. If better #1 bets $50. Can Better #2 ask the third better if he (Better #3) is going to stay in the hand before Better #2 decides to bet or fold?

(I think my friend is trying to cheat me out of the hand)

Can better #2 ask better #3 whether he plans on folding??!! Absolutely effing not. Kinda defeats the purpose of the blind and double-blind, eh?

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This is obviously going to depend on the local rules that pertain to your particular poker game. In any strick sense, Dooku is right – this is not kosher.

It should be noted that if #2 is allowed to ask this question without be shot or otherwise made to wish he hadn’t, #3 is not necessarily obliged to abide by the answer he gives.

Strick?? make that “strict.”

No way; a player can’t ask what another is going to do before it’s that other player’s turn to act. Poker is a game of information, and player #2 is attempting to circumvent the advantage that the later players have in information by asking his question.

Moreover, if player #2 is actually serious in his question, it’s a dumb move because he’s giving away extra information about his hand and the way he intends to play it which can work to the other players’ advantage.

Now that the factual answer has been provided, I’ll just mention (because that’s the kind of persnickety guy I am) that the word is spelled bettor, not better.

Feel better?

Nitpick: Player #2 can ask whatever he wants, but Player #3 is under no obligation to answer or to tell the truth. :slight_smile:

Nitpick to friedos nitpick :
Some (most?) cardrooms would frown on this type of question asked by one player to another and may ask player #2 to leave the table. So that really depends on where you are playing.

Heh Heh In some some cardrooms it could get you shot or stabbed.

I wouldn’t worry about it either way. Almost everything you hear at poker (as I’m sure you know) is a lie. You can ask the next bettor whatever you want. He’s just going to lie to you anyway. And he’ll know that you are basing at least some of your actions on what the next bettor intends to do - not a good thing to give away.

However, always be aware of “house rules” e.g. - in Vegas. They will probably give you a warning, esp. if you are at a low-stakes table. However, repeated infractions will get you booted out…

You’ve been warned !