Texas is turning liberal.

Of course I remember President and Ladybird Johnson. But I mean really liberal.
I was in Dallas for a seminar a couple weeks ago, for the first time in 15 years, and saw the signs. Just little hints, like some bumper stickers (No War in Iraq, etc). Also a lack of popularity of boots and big hats. Sushi bars. More foreign cars and fewer pickups. Starbucks. Our techi was a typical nerd, who would be right at home in San Jose.
So what’s up with that?
Oh yeah, a lot of bitching about pollution. More bumber stickers, with circle/slashes on them.
So. Y’all votin’ for Nader in '04?

As a Texas liberal, I can say, I sure hope so.

Think Dallas has a share of liberals try Austin…

Well, now, you got your Barbara Jordan and your Molly Ivins and your Jim Hightower and your Michael Lind, for starters. They don’t mind pointing out to you that Texas has a long history of liberalism. Plenty of basis to build upon to revive this fine old tradition.

Not a moment too soon, I’d say.

I thought you said liberal, not communist.

Well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cowboy hat in Dallas, and I’ve lived here my entire life. Try Fort Worth next time.
Dallas liberal? Excuse me while I go make some snowballs in hell… :smiley:

Same thing!
Run, mangeorge, run. Run like the wind.

I’m doing my best to spread my liberalism throughout the Houston area. I’ve found plenty of people who think like me around these parts.

I did find, no suprise to me, quite a bit of opposition to the death penalty in Texas. No stats, though. Just some conversation. And reading one of those weeklies outside Starbucks. There’s a petition going around, I see. :cool:
Good luck.

Hell, we’ve got Sheila Jackson Lee (and, thankfully, Rick Perry).

Sure, in the big cities. Try the smaller towns. When I was a kid in a relatively small Texas town in 1996, I couldn’t conceive of Bill Clinton being re-elected because most everyone I was familiar with thought he was evil incarnate. I hadn’t quite learned yet that the people in my general area weren’t representative of Texas or the United States as a whole.

Another data point: most everyone I knew in high school in 2000 was behind Bush 100%, and certainly most everyone in the county was.

…Now that I think of it, I don’t see too many cowboy hats here in Houston, though they’re far from uncommon in my hometown.

Keep the faith! I am convinced that I’m the only vegetarian/liberal in Dallas, or at best a teeny tiny minority. It probably doesn’t help that I’m in the accounting profession, which is tradionally quite conservative. (2 tattoos and one belly ring: I would suppose I don’t fit the stereotype.)

I just can’t wait for election time - all those RE-ELECT BUSH! bumper stickers. Yikes.

Odd coincidence. Tonight there was a conservative student on O’Reilly (Yah) who has set up a page listing the dangerous liberal professors at the university in Austin. He was very earnest. I think he wore a tie. He surely expected more sympathy from Billy Boy.
:slight_smile: I love kids.

What’s with this pickups and cowboy boots = right winger of the extra chromosome variety?? Some people just need those to work in.

I think in seven more years Texas will become a competative two party state again. The Republicans know it, and that’s what the whole redistricting fuss (complete with runaway fugitive politicians) is about.

Go to Austin. You will find about twenty No War stickers for every one BUSH 04 even twenty miles from campus. Also more nerds per capita anywhere with-in a 1000 miles. Not many starbucks but a whole lot of other cafes.

Although Houston is hardly liberal its certainly Cosmopolitan. It is not really a leader of American culture, but it is never too far behind either. It has pretty much everything you need except if your into skiing.

Dallas is a good place to be if you like plastic surgery and being robbed.

Ringo, as a fellow Texan, I must respectfully REFUSE to be thankful for Rick Perry.

I still remember the totally disrespectful and un-called for manner in which he told off a young female police officer who pulled his driver over for speeding.

“Why don’t you just let us get on down the road!” is what he told her. On the police-tape that officers have installed on their dashboards. He totally had that “Screw you, do you know who I am, and I have better things to do” attitude.

And I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit.

I have no respect for Rick Perry.

As for the OP…yeah, there are a lot of liberal Texans. It’s a pity more people don’t realize that when they start assuming that every freakin’ Texan voted for Bush, wears a cowboy hat, owns a ranch, and can’t speak real freakin’ English.

There are a lot of stereotypes that need to die.

Durst isn’t on death row, Texas is getting soft. :slight_smile:

Ah, just playing with a stereotype. :slight_smile:
But, since last I was there (Dallas) things have changed. Nothing wrong with that. When you’re away for a while, these changes are more noticeable.

No, he just used those two magic words, “self defense”, so dear to old time Texas. I know, I watched many John Wayne movies.
BTW; from what I’ve seen on the news, I agree with the jury. He wasn’t being tried for felony chop up.