Texit next! Who could complain about that?

Texit is afoot! After Brexit, secessionist groups in the U.S. are all het up to do the same. It all starts with Texit, but other groups around the country are lickin’ their chops too. See Post #29729 and #29730 et seq. over in SRIOTD – But perhaps this topic merits a thread of its own here?

Buhbye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

If at first you don’t secede, try try again.

If Angela Merkel gets pissed off and wants a vote to take Germany out of the E.U., will it be called “Gerxit?”

Can we build a wall?

I’d be willing to let Texas go, if they promise to take along Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, and all of Louisiana north of N’Awlins.

Wait till they hear we get to keep all the military bases. All 21 of them.

Yeah, welcome to the third world.

Hello permanent democratic presidency.

I don’t mind. You’d hand control of the white house over to the dems for the next 10-20 years, and reduce the GOP majorities in congress.

Plus Texas is turning purple, so in 20 years when Texas is as purple as Virginia they can rejoin the union.

You know what? I’m not going to write it all again. I’m just going to quote myself:

I understand the temptation. I really, really do. I live closer to these people than you folks do, remember? And I know that most of you aren’t really serious about it. But all this enthusiasm for kicking Texas out feels an awful lot like stabbing 3+ million of your beleaguered allies in the back.

Donald Trump has a better chance of winning than Texit, 'nuff said.

Secession was discussed at the last Texas Republican Convention. Even those nutcases dropped the matter.

Besides, our status as one of the United States is different from the UK’s membership in the EU. Secession has been tried & it didn’t work out.

Written from Houston (most diverse city in the USA), namesake of a staunch Unionist. All Texas cities tend Democratic, not just groovy little Austin…

This thread will now make an Eexit.

Of course Texit would be a hot mess. For all the Texan pride on display in certain quarters, Texas is not really a cultural unity. It’s a mess of territory that’s been held together as long as it has only because the USA let it in and protected its anglo ruling class. When Texas was a republic, it was barely able to function. Independent Texas would be weak, fractious, and sort of confused. What is a Texas Republic that isn’t trying to join the USA?

But is there any hope for these 3+ million beleaguered allies? Is it a hopeless cause? The predominance of far-right-nutcase influence in Texas is really damaging – not just in Texas itself but nationwide. Cruz in the Senate? Gohmert in the House? The ravings of Perry and Abbott?

Look at the influence that the religious right in Texas has on school textbooks nationwide. Those school boards, being taken over by fundamentalist radicals, dictating that science and history books be revised according to their lights – and actually having some degree of influence in doing so – that affects us all.

So for you liberals crying in the Texas wilderness: Is there any hope? Is it a lost and hopeless cause?

Crying? I’m encouraging.

We have the Texas Freedom Network; dealing withtextbooks is one of their issues.

The Texas Observer has been providing “Sharp reporting and commentary from the strangest state in the Union” since 1954.

Ted Cruz (!) supplied words of hope to the New Yorker back in 2012:

Let’s hope The Donald inspires the Tejano vote (against him). But I don’t think we’re turning Blue state wide very soon.

Still, our cities are Blue islands with interesting cultural scenes & good things to eat. Strong air conditioning is necessary–but we don’t freeze over in the winter. Our City Hall is currently lit up for Pride Week….

Wow. Cruz said all of those as if they would be bad things.

I remember reading an article once that talked about Texas seceding from the union. And while, no doubt, seceding would suck for Texas, the article made some very sound points why it would suck for the United States as well.

So hate on us all you want, but you guys kind of need us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now now, don’t get your knickers in a knot and please don’t let your case-iron curls drupe. We’re just funning on y’all. Yeah, Texit would be worse than an apricot pit in Aunt Betsy’s blue-ribbon jam that for sure and that ain’t no lie.

Now just plant that prudy backside of yours right down, open up a can of that there Lone Star Beer and tell us all about that nasty Baer Britain telling tales out of school, ya hear.