Texts from Last Night

Textsfromlastnight.com is one of my favorite “waste a few minutes and laugh” web destinations, but I sometimes wonder about the contexts of some posts. I actually considered posting an exchange last week
(Received: “I saw u @ lunch 2day.”
Reply: “U must be a peeping Tom, then. Who the hell are you?” Received: “George.”
Reply: “If you saw me at lunch today, you were trespassing on my carport. This will very likely get you hurt.”
Received: “Oh shit. Whats ur name?”
Reply: “Not the one she gave you last night at the bar.”)
Not really funny, obviously. I’m not submitting it to Texts from Last Night. But I’m always on the lookout for an exchange I can submit - funny stuff there!

Have you ever submitted a text to the site? If so, is it funnier out of context or in context?

Do you have any especial favorite texts that you’ve read on the site? (My favorite from tonight’s read: “Rooting for you and your team in the Beer Olympics this afternoon…! Love you, Mom”)

I used to LOVE that site, but I found that a lot of times when I was visiting it, I had one of those fake antivirus thins try to infect my computer, so I stopped going. The humor factor just wasn’t worth the risk.

I always thought the texts on that site sounded too “made up.”

Whether they are made up or not, the posts on that site usually make me laugh. One of my favorites said something like “I just bought a bottle a booze, and the name on my credit card didn’t match the name on my fake ID, which didn’t match the work name tag on my shirt. I love my boobs!”